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11 hours from Patna by train and 12 hours from Guwahati by bus

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Rose Nicolini Seasoned Traveler

Siliguri is a transportation hubof little importance between the states of Bihar and Sikkim. You might come across here on your way to Darjeeling.

Do not linger here. The city is not of particular interest to tourists. Save your time for Darjeeling.

On my way to Nepal I made a stop in Siliguri, but the city did not leave a lasting impression on me. Nothing special. There is the same excitement in Siliguri as in the other Indian cities. If you can get through here during your stay in India, don't invest too much of your precious time.

What I liked the most was the end of the journey by train from Patna. After traveling overnight from the capital of Bihar, I discovered the rice fields of Sikkim at dawn and this contrast was delightful. The green of the rice fields is incomparable. The spectacle is picturesque from the window of the train. Dry raffia on the train tracks, cows graze, people walk by. And the train is slow (too slow for some) enough to enjoy the scene. Andthe view is nice up to Siliguri.

Julie Olagnol Seasoned Traveler
145 written reviews

Siliguri is the city, the Sikkim and the ear of India connects with the rest of India via a 21-kilometer corridor. So it is a platform for buses, trains and off-road vehicles to go to numerous places.

In Siliguri you can also get your Sikkim ID, in just a few minutes. It is sufficient to present a passport and passport photos.

The least one can say is that Siliguri is not a dream destination for a vacation. However, during my trip to India I had to pass here three times and I am proud that I never had to sleep here. I ended up getting used to this large transportation hub, which consists of a bus terminal, off-road vehicle terminal, and a train station.

The first time I changed buses, coming from Kolkata, was to take the only daily bus to Guwahati. The second time I came back from the "Indian ear" via North Lakhimpur and drove on towards Sikkim in the north. The third time an off-road vehicle brought me back from Darjeeling so I could take the bus towards Patna in Bihar. You see, Siliguri is not that easy to escape.

All those who hate long journeys and don't want to sit in the bus for two days in a row (absolutely understandable) should have a restful night in Siliguri to get fit again. Otherwise, take the plane!

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