Why did Quora Reviews start

Knowledge platform Quora starts in Germany

The US platform Quora has been launched in German after a beta phase of several weeks. On the website, users can ask all sorts of questions that other users answer with expertise. The platform wants to "encourage everyone to share their knowledge with others".

If a user asks a question, Quora tries to find the right expert who can answer the question professionally. To do this, the platform analyzes user interests, data such as place of residence and the specified university degree in a subject. Quora sorts the submitted declarations according to quality and user ratings. For professionals, the platform is also a marketing tool: lawyers, for example, can prove their competence with good answers. However, Quora does not want advertising in the posts.

Gutefrage.net is "no competition"

In Germany, the question-and-answer platform Gutefrage.net has so far quenched users' thirst for knowledge. It has been online since 2006 and belongs to Holtzbrinck Digital GmbH. The platform is not a competition, says Kerstin Ewelt, who maintains the German version of Quora. Both offers have their place on the market. With Quora, the answers would go into more depth. Quora also wants to create more trust with a clear name regulation.

Quora is growing in Europe

Quora has been publicly available in the US since 2010 and now has more than 200 million monthly users. The two Quora founders Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever are former Facebook veterans. Cheever has only worked as a consultant for Quora since 2012, while D'Angelo is still the company's boss. When presenting the German version of Quora, D'Angelo stated that the focus of the platform was on quality. "Quora wants to bring more knowledge to the Internet." German is an important language for Quora, which is why the platform now wants to grow in German-speaking countries.

Quora wants to convince users with a colorful variety of topics; so there are questions and answers on nutrition, education, history, philosophy and many others. Quora has been available in Spanish since last year. French and Italian versions were added in the spring. (with material from the dpa.) / (dbe)

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