Root 3 X 1 is a polynomial

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  • Christian Karpfinger
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Often in higher mathematics one has to do with the problem of converting a polynomial into a product of Linear factors to disassembleif this is possible. We will encounter this fundamental task again and again in various areas of engineering mathematics, e. B. when solving polynomial inequalities, when calculating the eigenvalues ​​of a matrix or when determining a basis of the solution space of various linear differential equations.

Rational functions are quotients whose numerator and denominator are polynomials. In the Partial fraction decomposition rational functions are written as summands of simple rational functions. This decomposition can be carried out elementarily and is based on the factoring of polynomials. The applications of this decomposition in engineering mathematics are diverse, e. B. when integrating rational functions or also when solving linear differential equations with the help of the Laplace transformation.

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