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New placement advice: you need to know that

A Job loss is a major turning point that many employees have to digest first. Nevertheless, it has to continue afterwards. Some employers provide the departing employees with one New placement advice to the side. This should not only help to overcome the unpleasant situation, but above all provide support with advice and action in order to sign a new employment contract as soon as possible. That sounds promising at first and holds many opportunities for former employees, but new placement advice is a very broad field with many black sheep. Here you can find out what is meant by new placement consulting and what you should pay attention to in order to get the greatest benefit to draw from this time and why you shouldn't just rely on the fact that the effort is taken for you ...

What does new placement advice mean?

There is some disagreement about a possible one difference between new placement advice and the more well-known outplacement advice. Some providers are committed to being particularly close to the employee or a more important position in coaching within new placement advice. In general, however, these are more likely to be understood as a marketing move, because as a rule no differences can be made out in terms of content.

A misunderstanding However, it is to equate the new placement with a pure job placement or to assume that the consultants only present an employee with one or the other open position for which an application would be worthwhile. They are also not headhunters who place the former employee of one company with the other and only find a new job.

New placement consulting is a service for companies; it is a service for employees who are provided with a supervisor and advisor long term process with many different stations:

  • Accompaniment during the Dismissal and termination
  • Advice on possible Severance negotiations and termination agreements
  • Support in the Time after termination
  • Goal setting and future orientation
  • Reorientation when changing industries
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Support with possible Advanced and advanced training
  • Help me find matching job offers
  • Support with Preparation of application documents
  • Joint research to industries and companies
  • Preparing to Interviews and assessment centers
  • Exercise of classic tasks and ask
  • Constructive Feedback after job interviews and discussions
  • Improvement of Application strategy

However, new placement advice is not just limited to finding a new job and hiring a new employer. It is also conceivable that a former employee will become self-employed would like - here too, new placement consultants help and take the first steps of the path together.

Employees who have been let in on the termination plans by the boss and who are faced with the choice of accepting the offer of new placement advice should therefore agree. If it has already come to that, you will no longer be able to save your job - instead, you should take the opportunity to create the best conditions for re-entry.

However, you should always make sure that the Costs for the new placement consultation be taken over by the employer, otherwise many thousands of euros will quickly become due, which you cannot finance in the current situation.

Beware of black sheep when giving advice on new placement

The advantages of professional and well-executed new placement advice are undisputed. Finding one, however, is not a matter of course. The problem: Neither outplacement nor new placement are protected terms. So it requires no special training or proven skillsto offer new placement advice, which is why there are consultants from a wide variety of areas, industries and with very different backgrounds.

Not every new placement consultant should take it General suspicion but discussions should take place beforehand to assess the suitability of a consultant and the quality of his or her performance. This is primarily important for the employee who expects a lot from the new placement, but employers also have an interest in providing professional support.

The new placement is an offer that companies make and thus also the last impression that an employer can make. If the termination is unavoidable, for example due to the closure of a location, employees can again with Recognition and respect treated by giving them the best chance of getting back into work quickly. However, if this turns out to be a big flop, the positive impression is gone and what remains is even greater frustration on the ex-employer.

New placement advice is not a sure-fire success

New placement advice is undoubtedly a good opportunity for employees and can be an advantage over other job seekers who are looking for a new job without professional support. However, you shouldn't make the mistake of sitting back and waiting for your Consultants do all of the work done for you. This is not how the collaboration is intended and you will not achieve what you set out to do.

New placement advice is above all else Helping people help themselves. You don't watch a professional find you a new job, but shape the path together. In other words: How successful the new placement is and how happy you are with the result in the end is largely up to you.

The following tips can help you to use the new placement consultation for yourself personally and to find a new job that exactly meets your expectations:

  • Get into it

    Frustration and shock run deep after a dismissal, and many employees need a while to adjust to the new situation. That can lead to Offers of help blocked become. Therefore try to get involved in the new placement consultation and to be open to the suggestions of the supervisor. Trust that they will contribute their knowledge and experience and only have your best in mind.

  • Bring yourself in

    During the new placement, the advisor cannot take care of you every minute. Don't wait for you everything chewed in advance and worn afterwards becomes. Also look for vacancies yourself, think ahead and show initiative. Of course, your advisor is there to help you, but the more you take matters into your own hands during the support, the better you can shape your path - and you will learn a lot more along the way if you come back to such a situation come.

  • Be open about your goals

    The aim of the new placement consultation is to find a new position tailored to your needs and requirements. Sounds promising, but this will only really be the job you want if you do honest and open about your professional goals and talk about priorities. Let your advisor share your thoughts, talk about your professional goals and develop a plan together and the necessary steps to get closer to these goals.

  • Get to know your advisor

    Like many other coaching sessions, new placement advice depends on a good relationship between the two parties. If you have the feeling right from the start that you are not on good terms with one another, your collaboration will probably not be too successful either. There doesn't have to be a deep friendship, but it does Respect and sympathy are important factors.

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