What is a steel pan in Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a small island nation in the Caribbean. It has about as many inhabitants as Cologne and was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third trip. Columbus gave the main island the Spanish name Trinidad, which means Trinity, because he noticed the three high mountains on the main island. The name of the island of Tobago is related to our word tobacco.

In the 17th century, the French, British, Dutch and German princes fought over the islands. The island of Tobago alone changed hands 31 times. In 1797 the British occupied the island of Trinidad. Soon they also took over the island of Tobago. There was a lot of slavery in Trinidad and Tobago. That is why many residents today still have English first names as family names. Examples of this are the soccer players Stern John and Kelvin Jack. The people mainly consist of the descendants of African slaves and Indian contract workers.

The country has been independent since 1962. At first it was still a monarchy under the English queen. But it has been a republic since 1976. The official language is English.

During World War II, Trinidad was the largest military base in the Caribbean. It was then that the foundations for today's industry were created. The extraction of crude oil is important. Today Trinidad has the most industry of all the islands in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago has one of the highest incomes in America.

The national instrument is the steel pan. The instrument was invented in Trinidad in the 1930s. The British colonial rulers had banned the locals from drumming on African percussion instruments. Therefore, the common people looked for new instruments. Since oil production was so important, the idea of ​​building musical instruments from discarded oil drums came up. These instruments became internationally known when a group was invited to England in 1951 to present this musical instrument. Some musicians in this group stayed in England and made the steel pan known in Europe. They are called steeldrum, read: Stiildröm.

The national sport in Trinidad and Tobago is cricket. The national soccer team qualified for the 2006 soccer world championship in Germany. It represented the smallest country to date that has ever participated in a soccer world championship.

  • The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is called Port of Spain. Translated, this means "Spain's port".

  • The island of Trinidad is considerably larger than the island of Tobago.

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