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Test: is Amazon Prime worth it for you?

Benjamin Schischka

Amazon Prime costs 69 euros. For many, the question arises: Is it still worth it for me? Find out here!

EnlargeAmazon Prime: What are the benefits?

Since February 1, 2017, Amazon Prime costs 69 euros a year for new customers instead of 49 euros. That corresponds to 5.75 euros per month instead of 4.08 euros. Alternatively, you can only use Prime on a monthly basis, but then pay 7.99 euros per month. Students pay half.

But what does Amazon Prime offer for the money? The offer has grown over time and sometimes includes very different advantages. Very few are likely to be interested in all aspects of Prime. To give you a quick impression of whether Prime is worthwhile for you, we have created a small quiz. A few questions will show you whether you are a future Prime customer - or should still have an account, or whether you would be better off driving without Prime.

Note in advance: Some readers made us aware of an important fact. Power users who invest at least 69 euros per year in Twitch or another service that is covered by Prime, of course, do not even need to carry out the test. In any case, Prime represents a saving for you. The comparison between Netflix and Prime Video is more difficult - the range of videos here is very different and the choice is also one of taste.

Try Prime for free

If you've never been a member, you can try Prime for 1 month by becoming a free trial member. Students are even allowed to try it out for 12 months. After completing a trial membership, if you no longer want to use Prime, you should just not forget to cancel it again if you do not want to incur any costs. You can find out how cancellation works in the article Canceling Amazon Prime Membership.

Premium shipping with Amazon Prime

Probably the best-known feature of Prime - we refer to it in question 1 - is the shipping advantage for goods ordered from Amazon. Premium shipping is free: You will receive your delivery by Deutsche Post DHL, DHL Express, Hermes, UPS, DPD, Stadtbote, Amazon Logistics or PIN within one day of shipping, on a guaranteed delivery date. At least if the premium shipping option is specified as an option for the goods. But that's not the only shipping benefit that Amazon Prime offers. In a few large cities - Berlin and Munich, for example - you can use Amazon Prime Now to get your parcel within an hour. Prime customers who can wait two hours do not pay a delivery fee for the service. If you don't have Prime, the option isn't even available. Premium shipping is particularly worthwhile for those who order a lot and those who are impatient.

Amazon Prime Video

Question 2 relates to Prime Video, the streaming service that arose from the Lovefilm that was bought by Amazon. Numerous series and films can be accessed via the Prime Video app on your television, the game console or on your smartphone. Some of them exclusively on Amazon. The strongest competitor is likely to be Netflix. A Netflix subscription costs at least 7.99 euros per month. With HD quality it is 10.99 euros.

Amazon Prime Music

You can also stream music with your Prime account. But Amazon Prime Music relies on playlists, while Spotify & Co. give their listeners far more options. Amazon Prime Music is therefore not a full competitor to Spotify - rather a nice bonus. Furthermore, you should not confuse Prime Music with the Music Unlimited from Amazon, which was launched much later. The latter is much more comparable to Spotify, but costs just under ten euros extra per month. Prime customers still have a discount of around two euros. With the smart speakers Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, there is already Amazon's own hardware that is not only suitable for playing music, but can also understand more complex voice commands.

Listen to music for free on the Internet

Amazon Prime Day

On Prime Day, Amazon attracts a particularly large number of bargains to its platform. Only Prime customers can dust off the bargains. But also on Bargain Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, buying frenzy days that have long been established in the USA, there is a treat for Prime customers: They can strike 30 minutes earlier. With limited offers - "while stocks last" - this is particularly tempting for bargain hunters.

Prime for Kindle Owners & Gamers

For Kindle owners with a Prime account, there is a free virtual loan book every month. However, the user cannot choose from all the available Kindle books. Eligible titles must have the Prime symbol - Amazon speaks of 1 million books. New releases, classics from the 20th century and niche titles are often not included. So this feature is also a nice bonus.

Do you know Twitch? The portal streams gamers while they are playing and offers nice additional content for gamers - from skins to monthly free games. Prime users can enjoy it free of charge - they can log into Twitch with their Amazon account. For casual gamers this is rather uninteresting, but for one or the other frequent gamer it is definitely exciting.

Amazon Prime also offers unlimited photo storage space. So ideal for backing up your vacation pictures? Yes and no. On the one hand, Google also offers unlimited space for photos (but the pictures are slightly downscaled there). On the other hand, if you cancel your subscription, you should bear in mind that you will no longer have access to your backup. This of course also applies to the lending library and Twitch.

How is your experience with Amazon Prime?