What secret did a grandparent tell you?

Why do we always associate childhood with our grandparents? At the beginning of our development, they are the caregivers who, besides our parents, shape us the most. But they do it in a different way that parents do. Grandparents are more good-natured, patient and tolerant than their parents will ever be in their role as educators. But not just since yesterday, but for centuries.

Grandparents shape children so much because they allow children to be themselves. The calm one felt in the grandparents' house was always particularly quiet. No rush, no rush - there the clocks tick more slowly in the truest sense of the word. When grandparents and grandchildren are together, a community develops - how admirable it is when grandpa can talk to a two-year-old - with a serenity that parents simply lack between their tasks.

Grandparents teach grandchildren so much by singing, playing, and telling stories together. Grandparents show their grandchildren what families mean by showing them that mom and dad were once children, what their grandparents looked like and what death means to a family. By taking their grandchildren out into nature, showing them what the garden grows, where the ants crawl and how to bake cakes, children learn so many good behaviors. And it is precisely these who shape us for a lifetime - they nestle in our memories, allow associations and make us the people we will later become.

Often, however, we also remember the loyalty of our grandparents. They are like mediators between children and grandchildren. Grandparents are actually at the end of the generation chain - but as the grandchildren's lawyers, they switch between them and their parents and mediate in the event of problems. As such, they don't see a lot of things that closely. But only because the grandparents know, thanks to their own experience as parents, that problems and conflicts will not end the world. They always bring in the necessary confidence, regardless of whether the children or grandchildren are worried. Thanks to grandma and grandpa, the dark storm clouds will soon disappear again. And that's what makes us so special as grandparents.

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