What would someone use a flamethrower for?

Crazy business idea | US companies sell home flamethrowers

A man with a tank on his back is torching office furniture in the garden. Another bursts balloons. And someone with a helmet on his head shoots a meter-wide beam of flame into the air just for joy.

They are scenes from promotional videos from two companies in the USA: They offer flamethrowers for domestic use - quite legally, on the Internet!

The "X15" flamethrower shoots up to 15 meters, writes the company "Xmatter" from Cleveland (US state Ohio) on its website - if it is filled with 90 percent diesel and 10 percent gasoline. If necessary, however, napalm can also be added. "That increases the range," says company founder Quinn Whitehead. And: the fire then burns hotter.

“We love the smell of napalm in the morning,” says the website.

Amazing: According to the company, the sale is hardly subject to any regulation in the USA.

The flamethrowers feared in World War I and II would not be considered a firearm under US federal law, the company writes - and itself points out the irony of this fact.

Only two US states have different rules: In California you need a special permit and in Maryland flamethrowers for private use are completely forbidden.

Otherwise the motto everywhere in the USA: fire at liberty.

The price for the "X15" is 1599 dollars (1400 euros). The “XM42” from “Ion Productions” is cheaper. It only sprays eight meters, but it also costs around 800 euros. And: According to the company, it is the world's first “handheld flamethrower”. Instead of a tank on the back, one is attached to the device itself.

The manufacturer advertises “grab and go” - “grab it and go”!

And what do you need something like that for?

Allegedly for "weed destruction, snow removal or for bonfires". At least that's what it says on the manufacturer's website.

But isn't there also the danger that someone will use the part as a weapon? "Yeah, that's always a worry," says Chris Norman of Ion Productions. "But you can probably abuse anything."

Cases in which such a thing should be brought to Germany are unknown. "We would send it to the forensic investigation for examination," said customs spokesman Oliver Bachmann to BILD. "Because flamethrowers that shoot less than 20 centimeters in the targeted beam should be introduced. For all others, there are special requirements that must be met The following applies. Devices that function in an explosive manner, for example on the principle of a deflagration, are definitely prohibited. "

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