Why does it always hurt me

He hurts me and he doesn't care

Hello my love
I've been reading for a while and now want a few tips and maybe someone can help me =)

i'm 29 years old with my husband also have 29 two children! are now 5 years together, he was a very loving man and always wanted me! but for over a year he's been different. just tougher, so to speak! he wrote to me always wonderful sms and said i'm his wife and the best thing there is for him. now comes when i'm lucky an sms and it's relatively normal whether the children sleep and things like that! he hardly cares about me anymore unless he wants to have s. then he can be nice! after the s. he sits down at the pc and used to play for hours afterwards, arm in arm. it has not played for a long time! i feel his love is less What can I do about it? I can't go out with him or go to the cinema, etc. because I don't have one for the children! If I want to dress nicely, he doesn't even notice. Unfortunately, I can't afford an expensive klammoten .because the money i have is for the children i want them yes enable a beautiful life even though i have almost no money anyway!
it hurts so much the way he treats me but i have no plan at all how i can change it. i often talked to him about it hurting me. but what kind of woman wants to beg for the love of the man? it must come from him that he is dear to me!
I would be so happy if you have a tip for me, thank you very much for it

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