When is the Grenfell Tower coming down

Grenfell Tower: Investigations against the LFB

London - This coming Thursday will mark the anniversary of the fire in Grenfell Tower in the London district of Kensington and Chelsea in the west of the British capital. 72 people were killed in the fire. For a year now, the police have been investigating how this devastating outcome of the fire could come about. The investigations now also focus on the actions of the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

According to police spokesman Detective Superintendent Matt Bonner, the main issue is the so-called stay put rule, which states that residents not directly affected by the fire should stay in their apartments until they receive other instructions from the fire department. The London Fire Brigade has long been accused of having scheduled the evacuation too late.

Dr. In her report on the Grenfell Tower disaster, Barbara Lane speaks of the fact that this stay put rule failed just 40 minutes after the fire broke out. Even then there was a need to evacuate the entire building. But the instruction was not officially lifted until around 2:47 a.m. At this point in time, 187 residents had already left the skyscraper of their own accord, according to fire protection engineer Professor José Torero. Only 36 other people were able to leave the building afterwards.

It is still unclear whether the stay put rule was set up by the fire brigade or the operator of the building. At least this can be heard from other official bodies. Another problem was that there was only one stairwell for the 24-story building. This was so narrow that two normally built people could just pass each other. This was reported by Assistant Commissioner Richard Mills from the LFB at the vfdb conference 2018 in Duisburg. A simultaneous attack to fight the fire and a safe evacuation were as good as impossible.