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Music against Corona: How a Franconian defies the virus

When Jens Lohmüller picks up his trumpet and plays a song, everything around it is quiet for a moment. Listening ears, happy faces - the difficult time seems to be forgotten for a moment. That is exactly what makes Jens Lohmüller so happy. Since mid-November he has been giving solo concerts on a voluntary basis in front of old people's homes, hospitals and various institutions around the region.

We talked to Jens Lohmüller about his beginnings as a trumpeter and found out how he came up with this great idea and what is most important for him.

Jens Lohmüller, please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into music.

“When I was seven years old, my grandpa bought me a trumpet and decided that I would play the trumpet now. * laughs * It was more or less a coincidence that I took this trumpet into my heart and always practiced it diligently as a child and teenager.

“Music has always been my passion and now I'm a professional musician. I am the conductor in the symphonic wind orchestra in Georgensgmünd and first trumpeter at Blechglanz. We're a real family of musicians anyway. Both my wife and my two sons make music. "

I am a professional musician, but I make music because I enjoy it and, above all, because I can make people happy with it. This is the most important thing for me.”

Jens Lohmüller

They play voluntarily in front of nursing and old people's homes, hospitals and various institutions. Where was your first appearance and how did you come up with this idea?

“In Georgensgmünd, my hometown, I regularly play voluntarily in retirement homes, the AWO or in the church. For me a real affair of the heart. "

“At the beginning / middle of November I played for 45 minutes in front of a senior citizens' home in the inner courtyard in Georgensgmünd. When I drove home I thought what a wonderful experience it was and how many happy faces I saw. The seniors sang along, clapped, danced and then thanked me for the nice day.

How was the response and how has the matter developed?

“As a result, I couldn't sleep for a whole night because I was so preoccupied with the experience. It was clear to me that I wanted to reach even more elderly and sick people. Fortunately, word of my concert got around so quickly that many other institutions called me. What started in Georgensgmünd quickly expanded to include Roth, Weißenburg and Hilpoltstein. "

“In total, I had around 40 inquiries from nursing and old people's homes, hospitals and facilities for the disabled and even play in Neumarkt, Erlangen, Neustadt an der Aisch and even further afield. I play until December 23rd. And of course I try not to have to refuse anyone, which I have managed so far. "

The most important thing for me is to make people who are not doing so well happy with my music and to remind them of good childhood and family times.

Jens Lohmüller

So professional trumpeters you will clearly feel the corona pandemic yourself. To what extent are you taking the current measures and how are you personally dealing with the crisis?

“I am fortunate that I also teach at a grammar school in Windsheim and that I am the director of the wind orchestra for the Georgensgmünd community. So at least I have a secure basic income. However, as a professional musician, concerts and solo performances are completely omitted during the Corona measures. That hurts, of course, because for me there were about 75-80 gigs that I couldn't play. However, it hits many musicians much worse in these times. Some of these can no longer practice their profession at all. I particularly sympathize with that. "

For Jens Lohmüller, voluntary play is a real affair of the heart. He doesn't want any money, because putting a smile on the face of old and sick people at this difficult time is priceless for him.

If you want to listen to Jens Lohmüller yourself, you can look forward to his first solo album in autumn 2021. In 14 titles on this CD he plays from classical to ballads also more modern songs.

Dear Jens Lohmüller, We think it's great what you're doing. Thank you very much for the nice interview and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.