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Thoughtful tonesMelania Trump speaks openly about her corona infection

Almost two weeks after she was diagnosed with corona First Lady Melania Trump announced that next US President Donald Trump and you too Son of Barron infected with the virus. The 14-year-old had shown no symptoms and has now tested negative for the corona virus again, Melania Trump said on Wednesday.

The 50-year-old looked back on her own Covid 19 disease in her message. "I was very lucky that my diagnosis came with minimal symptoms, even though they all hit me at once and it seemed like a symptom roller coaster in the days that followed." And she explained the symptoms she was experiencing: "I had body aches, coughs and headaches and felt extremely tired most of the time." She has now been tested negative for the corona virus and will soon meet her obligations again.

Campaign theme

The US President's corona diagnosis had plunged the US into unprecedented uncertainty a few weeks before the November 3rd election. His illness and especially his three-day stay in hospital were followed with as much attention as his return to the public. The First Lady, who stayed in the White House, meanwhile faded into the background.

No one seemed to be asking about son Barron after spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham reported a negative test result on October 2. But it shouldn't stop there. Melania Trump now wrote: “Like so many parents in the past few months, I couldn't help but think:“ What about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? ”My fear was fulfilled when he was tested again and the test was positive Lucky he is a tough teenager and showed no symptoms. "

Son did not notice the illness

US President Trump cited the mild course of his youngest son's corona infection as an argument in favor of opening schools."Barron tested positive. But everything was fine with Barron. It then tested negative, right? Because that's exactly what happens: people get it and it goes away. Bring the children back to school, we have to send the children back to school, "he said at a campaign appearance in Iowa on Wednesday.

He is convinced that his 14-year-old son did not even notice that he was infected, "because they are young and their immune system is strong and they fight it off." Trump insists on schools reopening, but teacher unions reject the move, arguing that the virus can spread from students to teachers. So far, Republicans and Democrats have not been able to agree on financing appropriate protective measures for schools as part of another Corona aid package.

Strength demonstrated

Donald Trump has used every opportunity since his discharge from the hospital last Monday to demonstrate strength. On their return to the White House, he called on Americans to "not be afraid of Covid" and not let it determine your life. He also claimed to feel better than he did 20 years ago.

The first lady took on a different tone. While her husband has been accused of downplaying the danger posed by the virus and showing no empathy, she expressed her sympathy for others affected. "When you are sick, or when you have a loved one who is sick, I think of you and will think of you every day," wrote Melania Trump.

Good care for the presidential family

The First Lady also made it clear that it is not natural to be cared for as much as the US President's family. From a medical point of view, she has chosen a "more natural route" and "opted for vitamins and healthy food".

Her husband, who is almost 24 years older than him, must have had no choice but to be treated aggressively: He was with him, among other things antiviral drug remdesivir, anti-inflammatories and an experimental antibody cocktail been treated. According to many experts, the therapy - contrary to the presentation of the White House - suggested a more serious illness.

With Corona, the risk of a serious disease progression increases with age. Effective treatment methods are being researched around the world. Drugs such as remdesivir or dexamethasone are used in severe cases.

Melania Trump wrote that she had the opportunity to ponder many things during her recovery - about her family, friends, and work. She also thought about the "hundreds of thousands of people" who are also affected by the disease across the country. Hundreds of thousands falls short, however: In the USA, almost 7.9 million infections have been detected. More than 216,000 people have died from an infection so far.

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