Engineering students get lazy after graduation

Why it is good to be a lazy student

by Tim Reichel

Have you been lazy today?

No? But then quickly!

Actually, all the talk about the "lazy students" really gets on my nerves. I can no longer hear this ridiculous prejudice and wish anyone who thinks that studying is child's play a private Bologna reform on the neck. With pre-study internship.

But it doesn't matter.

Since we students are all lazy anyway (that was irony, dear fools!), We can just look the facts in the eye and make the best of them. In fact, there is now a whole series of facts and research that lead to the conclusion that laziness has a positive effect on professional success.

That's why in this article I'll show you the benefits of laziness and why it is good to be a lazy student. Because if you approach your studies correctly, as a lazy student you can really get started and do better than the rest.


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Being lazy has a bad reputation

I don't really like lazy people. Especially not when these people are more successful than me. I always think: "Why is he always so lucky !? I toil almost around the clock and the lazy sack gets away with his kind every time. "

That makes me a representative example of our society. Laziness is frowned upon. Lazy people are bad and they are not granted success. After all, you have to work hard to be successful.

It is easy to forget that laziness is part of human nature and is also important for health and personal development.

With the right approach, laziness can even make you a more successful person.


There are merits in being lazy

Lazy people don't like to spend their time working. Because they are lazy, they prefer to occupy themselves with the finer things in life and invest as little time as possible in annoying duties.

So that these people can still make ends meet, they have perfected important work techniques and are masters of time management.

Because lazy people have to earn their laziness first. Or as Ben Hammersley put it aptly:

Being lazy is hard work.

Now you are probably thinking, “Being lazy and working hard? Yes, definitely. I'll give you hard work right away! "

But if you think about it and open yourself to this perspective, it makes sense: only those who plan their studies, organize them thoroughly, work efficiently and set priorities skillfully can afford to be lazy in the first place and be successful at the same time.

So. And now I'll show you how you rock your studies as a lazy student.


Lazy students work more efficiently

Lazy students do not waste time on unnecessary work. They are effective and work more efficiently than the average student. That is why lazy students get through the lecture more quickly and need less time for exam preparation.

This phenomenon follows a well-known scientific principle: the good old Pareto distribution.

This economic optimization criterion generally states that only 20 percent of the total effort is required for 80 percent of success. The remaining 80 percent of the effort is spent on just 20 percent of the result.

Applied to your studies, this means:

20 percent of learning provides 80 percent of knowledge. The remaining 80 percent of the work invested only accounts for 20 percent of the relevant content.

Lazy students know this intuitively and take advantage of this distribution. You concentrate on the essentials and have great success with it.


Lazy students are better able to prioritize

Lazy students therefore have an eye for the essentials. You have learned to distinguish what is important from what is not.

In doing so, they always have an overarching goal in mind and use this to evaluate each upcoming task. In stressful situations, ask yourself:

Does this really have to be done now?

In this way, lazy students set very clear priorities and become aware of what really matters in the situation. You seven out and thus have more time.


Lazy students have better time management skills

Lazy students not only work effectively, they also take great care of their precious time. You will never hear from a lazy student: "Oh God, I've studied too long for the exam."

A lazy student follows the so-called Parkinson's law, which reads: “Work expands to the extent that time is available to do it. Regardless of how extensive it actually is. "

In relation to your studies this means:

You study for an exam as long as the time available for it. Regardless of how difficult the exam is.

Lazy students create tight deadlines (either consciously or through their laziness) and therefore have little time for important tasks. That is why a lazy student only needs a few days of preparation in the exam phase or a few nights to complete the bachelor thesis.


Lazy students are better at stressful situations

Lazy students like to postpone important tasks. They do their jobs efficiently and achieve their goals, but often at the last minute.

But is that a problem? No, on the contrary: Lazy students are stress professionals!

Lazy students often put themselves into stressful situations and therefore have to be able to handle pressure well.

That makes them more relaxed and brings a certain routine for stressful situations during their studies. That is why lazy students have advantages in exam situations because they are used to having to deliver under time pressure.

Or: if a lazy student has little time to prepare for an exam, it doesn't make him nervous because he is used to it.

Due to their lazy attitude and the tough prioritization of tasks, lazy students are used to stress and know how to deal with it.


Lazy students are more creative

Lazy students try to avoid unnecessary work in any situation. In doing so, they often find new ways to solve tasks and save time.

A very famous quote comes from the model dropout Bill Gates:

I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will definitely find an easy way to do it.

Or in German:

“I will always choose a lazy person for a difficult job. Because he will definitely find an easy way to get it done. "

Lazy students secretly use their laziness to solve problems innovatively. Your laziness gives you the opportunity to think about problems and find new solutions. That makes them creative.


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In this article, I've shown you a few examples of why it's good to be a lazy student and the tricks these lazy little bastards use.

But should you now leave everything and stop learning? No certainly not! I don't want you to get lazy, I want you to make better use of your time.

Be a lazy student - but be successful!

Learn a few tricks from the lazy students and use some work techniques to make your life easier. Spend more time thinking about what your job is and how you can simplify it. Then you have more time for the essentials and become happier.

Try to get the best out of your studies and plan your university career wisely. With good organization and a healthy dose of laziness, you can enjoy your studies and be successful at the same time. Don't let any pressure to perform drive you crazy and think about yourself and your student life more often.

Start now! In my bestseller book, I'll show you how to do it. This way, please (click)!