Why are you a postmodernist

Trainer Julia Wittig - Training MEDIA Logistik GmbH (PostModern) - Dresden

What advantages do trainees / dual students have from training in your company?

Training has to be diverse and interesting - that is exactly what we want. That is why we offer our trainees and students a comprehensive insight into all business areas of our company and involve them in all active business processes right from the start.

You start your training with a two-day introductory workshop. Together with your fellow students and fellow students, you will find out everything you need to know about the company and your career start. Many interesting topics and areas of application are waiting for you - in the end you will become an all-rounder in your profession.

The highlights of our training are our annual trainee events, such as a visit to the Gruner + Jahr publishing house in Hamburg.


How does the application process work?

You can apply easily and straightforwardly on our careers page. Your application should include a cover letter, résumé and full references. In addition, of course, your email address and your mobile phone number so that we can reach you. We then sift through the documents received and invite applicants to an assessment center in our house. Here the participants can not only prove themselves in various individual and group tasks, but also get to know us as an employer. Anyone who convinces us here will receive a confirmation within a short time.

How is the training / dual study structured in your company?

The training to become a clerk for office management takes three years. If they perform well, trainees have the option of shortening their training to 2.5 years. The vocational school takes place two days a week, the other three days you spend with us in the company.


Are there any special offers during the training / dual study program?

  • comprehensive support during the training in all areas as well as regular feedback discussions
  • diverse areas of responsibility and changing positions throughout the company
  • Further training offers
  • joint team events
  • free job ticket for trainees and students
  • capital accumulation benefits
  • good transport links, bicycle parking spaces, free parking
  • Staff canteen

What requirements do you place on the trainees / dual students? How important are school grades to you? What strengths should applicants bring with them?

You are enthusiastic, communicative and responsible and convince us with an open-minded and friendly personality. A high willingness to learn, commitment, team spirit and reliability should also be a matter of course for our applicants. School grades are important, but personality is even more important to us.


How good are the chances of being taken on after the apprenticeship / studies?

With the appropriate performance, we always try to employ our trainees and students beyond their training with us and we look forward to everyone who finds a suitable position with us.


What tips do you give the applicants on the way?

Authenticity is our key word. We are looking for applicants with a convincing personality. Do not pretend to be in the selection process and show us who is hiding behind the résumé. We are looking forward to your application!