Can we eat crabs and lobsters?

Overview of crustaceans


It is known as the "king of the crustaceans" - the lobster weighs between 500 and 800 g and is known for its particularly tender, firm meat. The main fishing season is in the summer months. Lobsters belong to the genus of the deciduous shrimp - with a total of around 10,000 species, they are among the most species-rich cancer groups.

King crab

The king crab is a particularly fine delicacy: The deep-sea dwellers can grow up to a meter tall and weigh ten kilograms. King crabs have hardly any natural enemies and have therefore spread from the Pacific, especially on the Norwegian coast - to the displeasure of many fishermen. In this country, the king crab is rarely available fresh.

Norway lobster

Norway lobsters are also known as scampi. They are related to the lobster and are particularly valued for their sweet meat. Only the tail piece is used. Again and again, scampi and shrimp are confused, but the distinction is very easy: Scampi have long claws, shrimp do not.


The lobster and lobster are very similar as decapods. In contrast to the lobster, however, the lobster has no claws and its meat is slightly lower in fat. On the other hand, their firm meat is just as delicate - and almost the same price. In this country, the European and Mauritanian lobster are mainly available.


Often referred to as shrimp, prawns, prawns or prawns, they can be divided into hot and cold water as well as sea and fresh water shrimp. Distinguishing features are their long antennae. Taste and meat quality depend on the animal's habitat: the colder and deeper the water, the better the taste.

Pocket cancer

Its body shape resembles that of a bag, hence the name. The animals live in crevices in the Atlantic, but specimens can also be found in the North Sea and the western Mediterranean. The meat content of the animals is rather low and the taste is reminiscent of lobster. The best meat is in the scissors, but liver and corail are also considered delicacies.

Soft shell crab

Also called butter crabs in German. These are not a genus of their own, but the designation for specimens of crabs caught immediately after their shell change, the shell of which is therefore still as soft as butter and elastic. After preparation, they can be eaten whole, as there is no need to laboriously break open the shell.

Giant prawns

As the name suggests, the king prawns are simply large specimens of the prawns. In the English-speaking world they are also known as king prawns, in German also as jumbo prawns. King prawns are usually three to six centimeters in size. The rare black tiger prawns are also included in this category.

From the Falstaff magazine 02/2017.