What's the best way to cum

"I have to ... cum" - best guide to squirting

Anyone who thinks right now β€œsquirt, not every woman can do that” β€œand I can't anyway”. Not correct! You are able to do it and you probably haven't found the right path yet. Squirting is emancipation in bed! Because we women can also cum. And we are in no way inferior to the men! Ha!


Squirting: what is it?

What is happening there?

Squirting = myth?

How to

Tips and Tricks

What is squirting?

Many women find the subject of squirting exciting, but don't know how or just don't dare to tackle the squirting thing. Many say that the experience is worth trying.

Unlike orgasm, which often goes up and down like a roller coaster, squirting is more of a feeling of letting go.

What exactly happens when you squirt?

Because we are a serious magazine (!) A short theory introduction * hihi * about what exactly is going on:

If you look at it from a purely technical point of view, when you stimulate the G-spot, the paraurethral gland or Skene gland fills up. It's a sponge-like structure that absorbs the fluid known as female secretions. So when a woman squirts, this uric acid (no, no pee) mixture flows out of the urethra. πŸ’¦ But not from the vaginal canal, as some men suspect.

Squirting is not a myth

The internet is full of tutorials on how to get someone else to squirt. We are convinced that you yourself know best how to do it and that you will probably be more successful on your own. And only do it for yourself if you really want to. There is absolutely no point in chasing after a sex trend or making your partner happy with it. It's worth a lot more to do for yourself. ❀️ So go ahead.

Oh yes, anyone who thinks that when you cum, you inject urine, is wrong. The ejaculate (yeah, equality) is not a pee but, a secretion that simply doesn't smell like anything and is relatively clear.So definitely. No pee.

Disclaimer: Cumshots are for more experienced women. This means that if you have just learned to walk, you can try to dance ballet, but you will find it difficult. So if you've just had your first experiences with your sexuality, you can of course experiment with squirting, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work right away.

Instructions for squirting

1. Rules for the sexy time

  • Take your time to "train" squirt and find a moment in which you are relaxed.
  • Do not be bothered, cell phone on silent, door closed.
  • Make yourself warm thoughts. Perhaps you are thinking of your partner's awesome scent or you make me hot with femtasy.com 😊
  • Try to breathe slowly and calmly, this will relax your body and all the great muscles in your pelvic floor
  • Be patient and don't expect too much! It may not work out right away.

2. Prepare to squirt

Lube can help you make it more comfortable. Sometimes our magical liquid leaves us earlier than we'd like. So provide lubricants or a pleasant body oil made from natural ingredients. Natural lubricants are the best because they do not contain any harmful potential irritants and many are even vegan.

Prepare a large towel and slide it under your pelvis. Many women also have inhibitions about the charge, which may leave your body quite uncontrollably. πŸ™ˆWe women are simply not used to splashing body fluids around us during sex. Is everything waterproof? Let's go!

3. Find the G-Spot

Are you relaxed and a little hot? Then of course you can start your usual program first. Massage your vulva, your vulva lips and touch what you like. Really take your time for this step, the more time you spend here, the more likely it is that the squirting will work afterwards.

The G-spot is 2-3 cm after the vaginal entrance, on the vagina wall that points towards the abdomen. You feel one there spongy texture that is different from the rest of the vaginal skin. Some find that the skin feels a bit like the skin of an orange. 🍊 Feel free to press around a bit or drive around the point to find it, after all, your vagina is not fragile that easily! But be tender to yourself! So get an overview of your textures in your wonderful vagina!

Lost in Paradise? Then change your position, sometimes it works better when you crouch or when you kneel.

4. Massage your G-spot

You might want to use lube now, then it'll just slip better! And it's more pleasant too. If not already done, insert two fingers into your wet vagina. Ring and middle fingers or middle and index fingers. They are long enough to reach and stimulate your G-spot. 🍩

Why fingers and not a toy to squirt? We think it is better to start with if you feel what is happening in your vagina directly with your fingers. More direct and honest! In the end it's up to you.

Start circling your G-spot, stroking, and pushing the point a little. Take your time for this game of teasing, caressing and stimulating. Always be gentle with yourself! ❀️#lifetimegoal

When your G-spot is stimulated it gets bigger and harder over time. A knob the size of a walnut or a hazelnut. Then you know, runs with you! So not yet, but the best conditions for hosing down. You don't notice anything? Or is it just uncomfortable? Then postpone your session, maybe it will work better next time. Reward yourself for your workout with an orgasm. 😊

5. Relax, push, let go - squirt!

When you realize that your G-spot gets bigger and harder you are on the absolutely right path. Don't just give up now. Usually sooner or later the feeling comes that you urgently need to pee. Good sign! Because now you're about to squirt. But don't get tense now, just stay relaxed.

Better said than done. Do you feel like you want to slide? Then push gently without tensing up, because otherwise it won't work! So go ahead breathe easily and push a little! Admittedly, that's probably the most difficult part. With some women, it takes a while for the knot to burst because you rarely experience the feeling of having to go to the toilet from an erotic situation. 🚽

Tip for squirting: Peace!

Another tip: Sometimes your own finger or the toy covers the urine outlet. Then of course nothing can flow! If you're using two fingers, try a (narrow) peace sign. Peace! ✌️✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

At the beginning there will probably only be a few drops. πŸ’§ But then you know how it works in principle and can squirt in stages. There are women who also have an orgasm, others don't and just experience the feeling of pure squirting. πŸ”₯🐳 Both are completely ok. Think of it as squirt training. It gets a little better every time. Don't expect too much from the first time (huh, how true). We wish you a lot of fun with certainly one of the coolest training sessions.

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