Is Google's Host Matching Fair

Google ranking factors

Number of page views per session

It's easy to imagine that the number of pageviews per session is a good gauge of quality. You are interested in information, find similar or further information nearby and look at it as well. A high number of page views per session is therefore relevant. Is it more relevant than the length of time spent on one side or is it just looking at the other side of the coin? And does the number depend heavily on the content of your website? I guess.

An example: You run a news portal and the reader is interested in the American president. He finds several articles and reads one or the other of them in whole or in part; the number of page views is increasing and that is positive.

Another example: You have a website that describes how use cases work. The page explains the concept, the types, the benefits, the advantages, etc. What should the reader look at when he or she can find “everything” essential to the topic on one page? In practice, this often leads to content being "artificially" distributed over several pages; this increases the number of page views (while at the same time reducing the length of time spent on the individual page), but - provided the page is clearly laid out and easy to read - offers no advantage for the interested party and can even be "annoying".

Interestingly, the number of page views per session often correlates with the type of traffic: organic searches, direct views and also access via social media often have similar values. Paid search and referral traffic usually have lower values.

ERGO: the number of page views per session CAN be an indicator of relevant content.

Returning website visitors

The returning website visitor does not appear in many discussions about ranking factors. From my point of view this is surprising, because a visitor actually comes back to you because he finds something that helps or likes. The more often he comes back, the better. Just like in real life: a regular is a good customer. He likes your business, your offer, the ambience. It's the same in the online world. So the question is: what can you do to get the visitor to return to your pages? Possible answers are: You can, for example, make him aware of new content and the relevance for him by newsletter (if you have permission to send him one). Or you can inform your network about innovations, e.g. via social media such as Twitter, XING, LinkedIN.

ERGO: try to INCREASE the number of returning visitors.

Number of words / length of content

There are many myths about the number of words. To put it in a nutshell: at best, it can have a disorderly relevance. And that's because of the search intention. Example: “What is the name of the capital of Germany?” How many words do you need to answer this question? One? "Berlin." One sentence? “The capital of Germany is called Berlin.” What answer are 2,000 words to such a question? Nothing. Apart from that, Google will answer the question itself and you will probably not be able to direct visitors to your website.