How do federal direct loans work

aws guarantee - special terms / conditions: bridging guarantee in connection with the "coronavirus crisis"

Working capital financing (e.g. purchases of goods, personnel costs) as well as financing for the deferral of existing credit lines to healthy companies that have no or insufficient liquidity to finance ongoing operations due to the current "coronavirus crisis" or whose sales and earnings development is adversely affected by the loss of orders or market changes, by assuming a guarantee:

  • up to 100% guarantee rate for a loan of up to EUR 500,000.00
  • up to 90% guarantee rate for a loan of up to EUR 27.7 million *)
  • Up to 80% guarantee rate for a loan of up to EUR 1.5 million

Guarantee period max. 5 years

Note: Maximum possible guarantee liability of EUR 40 million in the group. A pre-existing liability with aws must be taken into account.

*) The loan amount may not exceed the following limits for loans with a term beyond December 31, 2020:

  • Double the wage and salary costs of the sponsored company in 2019, or
  • 25% of the company's total sales in 2019 or
  • In duly justified cases on the basis of a self-assessment by the company, in which the liquidity requirements are presented, the loan amount can be increased to cover the liquidity requirements for the next 18 months


Guarantee fee for guarantees with a guarantee rate of up to 90%:
Based on the temporary EU aid framework depending on the duration and size of the company (to be paid in each case from the outstanding guaranteed loan part amount)
0.25% the first year,
0.5% in the second and third year,
1% from the fourth year


No loan collateral required (also no personal liability of the owners of the company)