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Book. Neuware - The textbook offers a comprehensive presentation of the fundamentals and research results of personality psychology. In addition to the classic personality factors and traits, the results of emotion, motivation and neuropsychology are examined with regard to their significance for individual differences. By including research results from the psychology of action, this textbook deviates from the usual structure of textbooks on emotion, motivation and personality psychology. The chapters are arranged according to seven system levels, which correspond to the generally accepted basic personality psychological terms: habits, activation and temperament, incentives and affects, stress management and affect regulation, needs and motives, goals and self-regulation. Personality can therefore be described as the way that the various system levels control experience and action, which is typical for the individual. Each chapter of the textbook contains a historical part that takes into account theories and research results from the history of personality psychology to the extent that it is relevant for understanding current research topics. In addition, each chapter ends with an application part, which is intended to encourage learners to focus on everyday phenomena, on practical tasks in counseling and psychotherapy and finally on the dialogue with neighboring disciplines, e.g. B. Neurobiology and the humanities. Numerous summaries, definitions, application and case studies as well as mnemonics structure the text and make learning easier. Exercises and discussion questions serve to prepare for the exam. 584 pp. German. New. Product no .: 9783801722395.

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