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The show is similar to a Jackson concert. The act begins with a video projection on which the records of the “King of Pop” are listed and celebrated. Dozens of pictures of the star can be seen on the screen, the audience cheering each one. With a solo performance by “little Michael”, 14-year-old Mittchell Zhanghaza sings his way into the hearts of the audience right from the start with “Music and me”.

In the first part of the show, the crew around Adrian Grant, who met Jackson personally several times and discussed the show with him, presents many hits from the times of "Jackson 5" and the "Jacksons". "Is that from him too?" One hears one or the other arguing with the person sitting next to him. Even if not every song is recognized right at the beginning or the title of the older songs from the seventies cannot be named immediately, everyone can sing along with the chorus at the latest.

"He was an outstanding artist and a very special person," said one of the five Michael Jackson actors when he started the "Earth Song" in the second part of the show. This moment also remains the only reminder that the superstar only recently died. Grant said in a conversation with the ddp after the show: "Michael always wanted to see people celebrate and cheer."

Jackson expert Alex Gernandt stands next to Grant and nods. He also got to know Michael as a "fun-loving person". At his shows, he wanted to make people happy. When asked why there are five Jackson actors, Grant replies that he deliberately decided against a doppelganger show because Michael is unique and there is no one who can copy him.

Jackson biographer Christian Marks also agrees heartily. The show itself is great because you can "review" Jackson's outstanding musical career. He was "very sad" about Jackson's death and did not want to believe until the farewell party in Los Angeles that "it was finally over".

How much Jackson's music appeals to people and makes people celebrate becomes clear in the second part of the evening, when over 20 singers, dancers and musicians perform the Jackson hits from the albums “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Dangerous” . The show offers stylish performances, the choreography and outfits of which are often very close to the live performances and music videos of the original.

In the song "Smooth Criminal", for example, a Jackson double in a detailed white Jackson tuxedo, with a blue armband and white hat. Elaborate and lovingly detailed costumes can also be found in “Remember the Time” and “Thriller”, while the quieter hits like “Man in the Mirror”, “I just can't stop loving you” or “She's out of my Life” do nothing Knick-knacks are presented to the audience. Even the rock hit "Dirty Diana" is interpreted completely freely. And when a woman picks up the microphone on the hit “I'll be there”, one or the other in the hall may be amazed, but they'll still sing along and wave hundreds of glow sticks.

So there is no standing ovation towards the end of the show, when the hit “Black or White” tears the last possibly critical viewer from their chairs. For two and a half hours, the visitors celebrate and dance in a show that has its justification as an “homage to the King of Pop”, as Grant calls it.

“Wonderful”, “great”, “brilliant”, “full of the party” at the end, after several encores, can be heard raving about 17-year-old Lisa and her friend from Munich as well as an older woman who, as she says, raves to Jackson's music grew up. She still cheers the last hit in her ear: “We never believed the junk that you always wrote about him. Jackson is and always will be the best. " The show can be seen in Munich until August 2nd.

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