What do software automation engineers do

What does an automation engineer do?

Process automation

Not only systems and devices have to be automated, but also entire processes, e.g. within industry. For example, the interaction of a production line in food production.


Robots are the epitome of automation. You can work in the development, conception and production of digital controls for robots and robot systems.

measuring technology

You can specialize in measurement technology and work with it for the preliminary stage to the actual automation.

Control technology

It is an elementary component of automation technology. You deal with control systems for automated devices and systems with drive controls.

Control engineering

Controls are part of many automatically operated machines and systems. In your job, you can specialize in the development of control technology alone.


You are involved in the production of mechatronic systems such as ABS in vehicles and are responsible for their automation.

Vehicle production

This includes the co-development of automatic transmissions and drive systems from Motor vehicles to your main tasks.
IT security experts are in demand. Accordingly, you have the chance to gain a foothold as an IT security consultant in almost all industries. Banks, authorities and large companies in particular manage huge amounts of highly sensitive data, which must be protected. While in larger companies and institutions you have the chance to specialize in a certain area of ​​IT security, in medium-sized or smaller companies you act more as a generalist.