What are the best fictional elementary schools

18 fictional schools in television and films we wish we could attend

For most of us, an average day at school was never particularly memorable. We attend the same classes as usual, gossip in our lockers and strangely excited when the cafeteria ladies decided to serve square slices of pizza for lunch. This can account for the occasional agony of jealousy we feel while viewing the insanely dramatic lives of the students attending our favorite fictional schools. The organs on screen and in books never seem to contain a single boring moment, be it Miss Frizzle leading children through spaces or Cher Horowitz discussing the current state of Haiti.

And me White I'm not the only one who gets jealous whenever a choreographed dance routine breaks out during the prom scene of any given teen movie.

Below is a list of the coolest, most adventurous 18 fictional schools in TV and movies that I'm sure we all wish we could attend. As millions of children return to school over the next few weeks, we hope their days are filled with so much excitement - minus vampires, of course.

18 fictional schools we wish we could participate:

  • 18 fictional schools we wish we could attend, 1 out of 19

    Transfiguration Classes and Zack Morris? Things are really made of dreams ...

  • Hogwarts | Harry Potter 2 of 19

    What I really mean is. As soon as you saw the title of this post, you probably thought "Hogwarts!" so don't let us child ourselves. Every child and adult has fantasized about wandering the halls of the witchcraft and wizardry school at some point in their life. Furthermore, isn't transfiguration so much more practical than trigonometry?

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  • Rydell High School | Fat 3 of 19

    While the characters fat Often times less than admirable, Rydell High still seems like a great place to gather your all-American high school experience. The school dances are insanely fun, there are intense pep rally campfires, and you get a carnival on completion (so jealous). Oh, and the students often break out into choreographed dances during lunch breaks.

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  • Starfleet Academy | Star Trek 4 of 19

    As long as you can wait another 150 years or so for it to be established, Starfleet Academy would be a great place to get your education. The student body is diverse (because foreigners); you can study anything from medicine to xenolinguistics and it's conveniently nestled in beautiful, futuristic San Francisco. Additionally, you get to hang out with the kids who are too cool for the Vulcan Academy of Sciences (I see you, Spock).

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  • Bayside High School | Saved by the Bell 5 of 19

    Oh Zack Morris, you are beautiful villains. Who wouldn't want to stare at the back of their head while speaking English? Bayside would be an amazing high school to attend. Not only would you socialize with Zack and Slater, but you would also find the perfect balance between theatrical wit and serious life lessons about caffeine pills.

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  • Third Street Elementary School | Recess 6 of 19

The Third Street Elementary School playground teaches students more about the real world than any classroom could. If you went there, you would move on to middle school with so many life skills, from boring rainy day to beating negotiating with crooks. Social microcosm aside, TJ and the gang are always guaranteed to show you a good time.

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  • North Shore High School | Mean Girls 7 of 19

    After the plastics dissolve and Regina's reign of terror officially ends, North Shore High School seems like a nice place to spend the days. You talk about the rain with Aaron Samuels or go to intense mathlete competitions with Kevin G. And you can apparently order cheese fries for lunch whenever you want, which is a must.

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  • Xavier's school for gifted children and young people | X-Men 8 from 19

    As if mutants weren't cool enough, they also get to live in the X-Mansion and take music lessons from Nightcrawler. Of course, the school is almost constantly attacked and destroyed by supervillains, but let's not be picky. It's home to Cerebro and this great basketball court so it's totally worth it.

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  • Summer highs high | Summer highs high 9 from 19

    If you've never seen the glory that Summer, high heightsHaving witnessed an Australian show named after the school that shows it, then you should probably start right now. Mr. G. Drama class is worth transferring to another continent in and of itself, although Ja'mie and her all about me assemblies can be just as entertaining.

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  • Walkerville Elementary School | The Magic School Bus 10 of 19

    You probably got to travel through time and space when you were in grade school? That's because you don't have Miss Frizzle as a teacher. Stay with her and you will get to explore, Jupiter, ocean floor, and inside the body of one of your classmates (don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds).

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  • John Adams High School | Boy Meets World 11 from 19

    First things first: Mr Feeny. Obviously. Any school becomes instantly great when you throw an omniscient teacher / principal / neighbor / mentor into the mix. But apart from Fee-Hee-Heenay, John Adams High School would be a nice place to visit. Cory, Eric, Topanga and Shawn are silly and loyal friends and they are always ready for universal moral conflict resolution. Frankie and Joey, the school "tyrants," are also very charming.

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  • Battle School | Ender's Game 12 of 19

    Granted, it might be a sketchy military school that isn't for everyone in the room. But definitely consider going to battle school if you want to learn how to play combat in zero gravity arenas and video games essentially all day ... I know I do. Tip: If you are morally opposed to genocide, maybe take a sick day exam time come.

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  • Mystic Falls High School | Vampire Diaries 13 of 19

  • Of course, only about one in every three students is a vampire, werewolf, or witch. But Mystic Falls High School still seems kind of awesome. When they're not busy solving their esoteric problems, the students there get to visit, really amazing, themed dances and marvel at Alaric Saltzman in history class (for a while anyway ...).

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  • Sunnydale High School | Buffy the VampireSlayer 14 of 19

    The same goes here as for Mystic Falls High School. While Sunnydale High sits right on top of Hellmouth and vampires always seem around, there are still traits that make it a sweet potential school. You could be best friends with Buffy and she would protect you from the demons. And between periods, you could chill out with her and Giles (passed out) in one of the coolest school libraries ever. Try before closing before the entire building collapses into a crater, okay?

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  • Wayside School | Sideways Stories from Wayside School 15 of 19

    Wayside school is quite a crazy house where students add words instead of numbers and the smelly kid sitting next to you could actually be a dead rat. But wouldn't it be fun to go to an absurd elementary school at least for a while? You know you'd be friends with Louis the yard teacher and his brightly colored mustache.

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  • Padua High School | 10 things I hate about you 16 out of 19

    Padua High School has it all: rapping English teachers, bogey Lowenstein parties, and Alison Janey as an advisory teacher - all contained in one beautiful, Shakespeare bubble. But above all, if a school also has a 1% chance Heath Ledger singing in the stadium bleachers, you better think I'll enroll there.

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  • Riverdale High School | Archie Comics 17 of 19

    I always wanted kind of Riverdale High. Every school day is essentially the same: a little student-principal banter with Mr. Weatherbee, go to a variety of sports practice, and then get into the old box of going Pop Tate with the rest of the gang. It's nice and safe to use all sorts of antics to prevent things from ever happening to boring.

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  • Horace Green Preparatory School | The School of Rock 18 from 19

    Do you spend the school year teaching Jack Black Rock lessons and increasing your self-esteem? Yes, please! Horace Green at the same time prepares his students for Harvard and helps them win the battle of the tapes so that they can truly be set for life. Bonus: If you went here, Joan Cusack would be terrifyingly awesome capital.

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  • Bronson Alcott High School | I don't know-19 of 19

    Cher Horowitz and her crew are geniuses, how would we if we visited Bronson Alcott. Cher's vocabulary is outstanding, and she references Monet and quotes Hamlet better than any pretentious college girl. And if you wanted to go eighth period to have a calorie feast and check out the latest Christian Slater blow off, it would be good because rules and classes really don't seem to exist. Case In Point:

    Mr. Horowitz: so what did you do in school today?

    Cher: Well I broke into my purple clogs ...


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