When will milk prices rise again?

Milk price table and the general report as PDF documents at the end of the article 

The deficit compared to the previous week was now only - 0.4 % (after the backlog was almost always over -1% before) and, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, from January to the end of the current week (up to April 16), the milk delivery is still significantly (now around - 1,5 %) below the level of the previous year.

AMI reports that the market for liquid raw materials is currently rather quiet. The prices for industrial cream and skimmed milk concentrate tend to be largely stable in the 13th week, despite short-term fluctuations; The spot milk market prices in Italy also remain unchanged at a previously weakened price level.

For the production of dairy products

The ZMB reported (on April 16, 2021) that most recently (in the 14th week of 2021) the reporting dairies from Germany expanded their cheese production (+ 5.5%) in particular; on the other hand, the production of butter (- 0.3%) and especially of skimmed milk powder (- 12.8%) was again restricted more noticeably (compared to the production in the previous week).

To the development of the regional dairy prices

Following the general trends in the markets for dairy products, the dairies covering Hesse, RLP and Saarland provided for "March milk 2021", with consideration the respective VLOG surcharges of the dairies, mostly lightattractive milk prices

The current milk payment prices of the regional dairies can be found in the attached PDF file.

The entire article and excursions can be found in the attached document

f.d.R. Reimund Möcklinghoff; Chamber of Agriculture Rhineland-Palatinate, Ref. 25

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