Uber Uber Surge Pricing applies to UberPool

Best tips for booking cheap Uber trips

There is a universal law that says that when the supply of a service increases, its market price crashes. Conversely, when demand rises, we experience a rapid rise in prices. This goes for most things, but here we are talking about how to book cheap Uber rides even during the surge.

How to book cheap Uber trips

Much depends on your location, timing, and location you intend to travel. Uber uses an algorithm to estimate the trip. However, it's interesting that if you experiment a little, you can still get a better price on booking an Uber

1] Go to a nearby location:

If your current location has high demand, the prices are likely to be higher. So if you can move to a nearby location that is outside of the main area. Chances are the demand in this area is low and you can get a better price for the same destination.

You can experiment the same with your goal as well. If a nearby location near your destination has more customers, Uber will charge you less.

2] Do a quick price comparison with other services

If you have multiple rides or taxis in your city, do a quick comparison. You can even try local services that are less popular but do the same job.

Lots Third-party apps can do a quick price comparison from Ola, Uber and other prices. Not only does this reduce the hassle of downloading and using separate apps (Uber and Ola), it also compares their prices directly from a single one. Apps like Haptik, What's the Fare, etc. are popular.

Note: The apps are not affiliated with Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, or any other taxi company. Therefore the tariffs given are only estimates. The actual amount charged by these services can vary significantly.

You can also use Google Maps for a quick comparison. Enter source and destination, then select the icon that looks like a waving man. It offers a quick comparison between available services.

3] Get your UberPASS

If you travel by Uber most of the time, your best bet is to get a monthly pass. Referred to as UberPASS, You can avail Reduced rates and waiver of cancellation fees. He also gets exclusive access to some of the company's features and experiences. An UberPASS vehicle will charge you fees no money for cancellation.

4] Book a shared ride with UberPOOL

One thing that escapes our attention when booking an Uber ride is that depending on the proximity of the driver's location, we can ask for a little more from our location. UberPool is a shared ride that can save you money. The service adapts you to drivers going in the same direction so you can share the ride and the cost.

Just open the Uber app and enter your destination in the Where To field. Next, tap on the UberPOOL Ride option at the bottom of the screen and click on "To confirm’UberPOOL. You can request a POOL for up to 2 people.

Once this is done, the window will show the estimated time until the driver arrives at your destination. Although the service offers drivers / passengers a high price comfort, the drivers find it annoying and hate it because they have to endure the stress of carrying several passengers to a multitude of destinations.

5] Ask the driver to rate you highly

After each trip, users are encouraged to rate the service and review their experience. This is not a one-sided matter. Drivers are also required to rate their experience with customers. If a driver shares rave reviews about you, Uber can extend their courtesy by giving you a discount on your future rides. If you're curious about how you're doing in the back seat, just tap the hamburger menu. This shows your rating.

6] Register two Uber accounts

Sometimes when I haven't been using Uber for a long time, I've received offers. Even if I book an Uber from this long unused account, I can get it cheaply. If you happen to have two phone numbers, set up two Uber accounts and use them as an alternative to book cheap Uber trips.

6] Uber promo code

Uber often provides coupons to its trusted customers. If you have a good driver rating as described above, after 2 or 3 trips you can use free coupons to book cheap Uber trips.

UBER also generates several promotional codes that you can enter in an advertising field on the website to receive a discount on the fare of a trip.

6] Book a ride through Facebook Messenger

Many of us are unaware that we can even book an Uber or Lyft ride through Facebook Messenger. You can check this by simply going to the Messenger app, typing Uber, clicking the blue plus sign in the lower left corner and selecting the "Rides" option from there.

If you're a first-time Uber user, get your first ride for free (up to $ 20) when you sign up and create an account.

These best tips are based on my personal experience. I'm sure you should be able to book cheap Uber rides every now and then. Keep in mind that this may not always work, but I'm sure it will most of the time.