Will Bitcoin exist in 2030?

Bitcoin: "Now everyone wants to go in!" Too many millionaires, too few pieces. Exciting graphics

What a rally: Bitcoin has increased tenfold in two years. And if SkyBridge Capital's Antony Scaramucci has its way, that was just the beginning. He writes on MarketWatch of a shortage of pieces of cryptocurrency number 1. "Around 900 Bitcions are minted every day, but the three market participants PayPal, Square and Grayscale alone buy well over 900 pieces per day."

Exciting calculation: There are 42 million millionaires in the world, but less than 20 million Bitcoins - that is, if everyone wants one, the price continues to climb. According to LMAX, the number of Bitcoin accounts weighing more than $ 10 million had already increased to over 4,500 at the turn of the year.

Exclusive: "The mainstream is here"

But it's not just big investors and institutions that buy - but also the mainstream, according to expert Christopher Obereder. He speaks to us today of an enormous number of inquiries from beginners - very similar to the hype times in 2017, which is why he advises partial profit-taking, since corrections are always possible. "The rush is here now, many Youtubers who had not done this before are now also reporting on Bitcoin," said Obereder.

Bitcoin interest rises sharply

In this context, it is exciting to take a look at Google's global trend interest in the search term “Bitcoin”. The graphic shows that we are approaching widespread attention (value 70), but there is still some air from a market psychological point of view until we enter the overheated phase of 2017 (value 100). The demand for Bitcoin is also being fueled by the never-ending expansion of the euro and dollar money supply, which KimDotcom addresses on Twitter.

Money that he doesn't have. He will print it. Just like the 30 +% of all USD in existence that were created in 2020. Don't be surprised about the rise of #Bitcoin. https://t.co/YWzf1WfvXI

- Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 9, 2021

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