How do I feel relaxed with people

Habits of relaxed people

Do you also know people who always seem calm and balanced?

I got a Thought that scared me:

Perhaps many of them not only look like that, but actually are.

But what do you do differently than you and me?

How can we relax too?

1. You have goals

If you don't know where you are going, how do you know which direction to go?

I recently saw a colleague's office. He had covered the back of a cupboard across the room with paper. It said “My goals for 2016” in large letters. The goals were divided into job, finances, family and sport. Each topic had about three goals.
At the end of the year he can say whether it was a successful year.

You also?

If you have a Check off target that is an incomparably good feeling.

2. They plan their day

If you don't plan yourself, you not only appear to be "planned", but you are actually being planned by others. Your day is controlled by someone else, if only you react instead of act.

Determine what yours the night before three main tasks are tomorrow. Put all your focus on these tasks. Your goals are more important than any outside inquiries. So don't start your day with answering and processing emails, but with your three goals.

Make sure you have everything you need the next day ready the evening before. All documents, materials, routes and also your clothes. Prepared in this way, you won't forget anything and can focus on the next day.

3. You have an evening routine

Most successful people have an evening routine.

You also?

Even if you don't know, you probably have an evening routine. Do you brush your teeth every night? Do you always put on your pajamas before or after? Voila - you have a routine.

However, you can get more out of your evening than just clean teeth. I'll tell you what my evening looks like and then you can build your routine:

  • All screens go out around 10 p.m.
  • A little tidying up, because I rarely manage that during the day and my children neglect my efforts as long as they are awake.
  • Read something or listen to a podcast
  • Brush teeth
  • Move
  • Sleep

4. You have a morning routine

The alarm clock is ringing. Damn!

Jump up, shower, read e-mails, run, drive the bus, work.

Every morning looks like this or something similar for many people. There is not even time for a few cereals.

The day starts right away with stress and hectic. Like a ski jumper, the start affects your entire flight through the day. If the jumper starts off hectically and without concentrating, he will notice it in the air.

[ctt template = ”3 ″ link =” MNI06 ″ via = ”yes”] Start your day as your day should go. No, you shouldn't just stay in bed! @ZeitfuerDich [/ ctt]
Use the morning for a cozy and healthy breakfast, read a few pages in a good book, do a few stretching on the balcony, go through the day ahead in your mind ...

As an example, I would like you a Morning prayer reveal that I often pray in the morning:

Good God, a new day has been given to me.
I make the sign of the cross
and start it on your behalf.
Some of the encounters today
I already know lying in front of me.
(Look at the calendar)
Other things will surprise me.
Lord give me the strength
to change the things that I can change
Give me the patience to accept things
that I can't change
And give me the wisdom
to distinguish one from the other.

This prayer helps me all day long. And I never want to go without breakfast with my children.

In order to have time for my morning routine, I like to get up earlier.

5. You take breaks

The value of breaks is too often underestimated. No athlete would think of always going full throttle and never recovering.

There is also in every school regular breaks.
Breaks don't cost you time, they increase your productivity and make you a more relaxed person.

6. You are regularly offline

Nobody has to be always available! Nobody!

Not even doctors, top managers and pastors!

Surely there are times when you need to be available.

But certainly not always.

The technology of smartphones has freed us from being able to work in the office. But instead of enjoying this freedom, we make ourselves hostage to the cell phone and believe that we have to react to calls, emails and Whattsapp anytime, anywhere.

Set yourself free. I'll show you why I'm throwing my smartphone away.

7. You regularly get fresh air

Ventilate not only your apartment but also your body regularly.

You need fresh air and sunlight to feel good, just like water and food.

It doesn't matter if you're sitting in the garden go for a walk or play sports.

Since I integrated these habits into my life, I am too much more relaxed. By the way, “relaxation” is my motto for the year. Every decision I made in 2016 must be measured against this headline.

I'm curious:

What helps you to be more relaxed? Let me and others learn from you and leave a comment below.

Benjamin Floer
I am, podcaster, theologian, minimalist, husband and dad. I help self-employed people to have more time for their families and themselves. And that without having to forego professional success. I love to be on stage and drink whiskey (not necessarily at the same time 😉)


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