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easyJet counted almost 100 million passengers in the 2019 financial year. With an increase of almost 10 million passengers, easyJet has established itself among the top low-cost airlines in Germany. But they too had to experience increased demand for cancellation options with the Corona crisis. In contrast to many of its competitors, easyJet rules out cancellation entirely, regardless of tariffs or country groups. However, the airline does not take into account that this is not legally compliant, as you as a consumer have the right to a partial refund of your ticket price. We will now explain to you how you can cancel an easyJet flight and what you have to consider.

Can I cancel an easyJet flight?

easyJet excludes all cancellations made later than 24 hours after booking. According to their own statement, they can only guarantee the cheapest flight prices if they forego the possibility of cancellation. Instead, easyJet allows passengers to manage their booking, including changing names and typos, flight times, dates, travel destinations, seats, checked baggage and sports equipment, and increasing your free baggage allowance. Unless free changes are included in your tariff, only changing names and typing errors are free of charge. However, if you want to cancel your easyJet flight, you have far more options and rights than the airline advertises. At RightNow we enable you to use exactly these rights. We buy your entitlement and receive your refund within 24 hours. We'll explain how to do it!

How do I cancel an easyJet flight?

A flight cancellation is possible at any time. With the purchase of a flight ticket you close with the respective airline, in this case E

asyJet, a so-called air transport contract. It states that you are entitled to be transported by easyJet over an agreed route at the time you have booked. The receipt for this is the plane ticket. The costs for this do not only consist of the transport itself, but also of various taxes and fees that you can get reimbursed in the event of a cancellation. In order to be able to cancel an easyJet flight and assert your claims for reimbursement, you must submit an application using a form on the airline's website. EasyJet differentiates between bookings made directly via and bookings made via a third-party website.

In general, it is completely unimportant whether you have taken out travel cancellation insurance or not. You can always reclaim the taxes and fees on your ticket price - retrospectively for up to three years!