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Streaming in May: the highlights at a glance

Comedy, crime, corona and more: on our foray through the streaming portals, we discovered many good series. Our tips for new TV series and films in May.

Would you like to go on a discovery tour? Here comes our pick of streaming tips. Very close to everyday life, the first tip:

Drama series: Schlafschafe (ZDF media library)

What is this pandemic doing to us and our society? Among other things, it shows us how difficult it can be to negotiate different views with sense and understanding in extreme situations. Even within families. Like Lars and Melanie, who just want to lead a happy family life with their son Janosch. Actually. If it weren't for the real glasses on one side and the conspiracy filter bubble on the other.

Sleeping sheep (all 6 episodes) will be available from May 12th in the ZDF media library.

And what else is there in May? It's this way:

Drama: Goldjungs (ARD media library)

Does the ring still ring by the name Herstatt? Exactly, this is about the (then) largest bank failure in German post-war history. The golden boys gambled with currencies in the 1970s as if there was no tomorrow - and no risks either. But in the end, as we know, the gold diggers become gravedigger. Or as the saying goes: Greed eats the brain. Film drama hard on reality. Terrifyingly timeless.

Golden boys has been available in the ARD media library since April 29th.

Documentary series: The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness (Netflix)

Was the serial killer David Berkowitz "Son of Sam" really alone - or was it several perpetrators who terrified the US state of New York four decades ago? Journalist Maury Terry got on the track and went in search of a murderous network that he believed existed. He never found evidence of such a network - nor did he find a way out of the one-way street of his investigations. Exciting documentary about the hunt for a phantom.

The Sons of Sam launches on Netflix on May 5th.

Comedy / drama series: All you need (ARD media library)

So what's so different in life when you're gay? Not much, actually! That was the very simple message of the first season of the Dramedy series. Life is and stays the way it is - surprising, exciting, difficult or just great in between. As colorful as this series, which is part of Diversity Day (May 18).

All you need (five episodes) will be available from May 7th in the ARD media library.

Sadcom: Lu von Loser (ZDF media library)

Starting a new one in the middle of life - yes, that's how it is when your own offspring are out and about for the first time. Singer Lu finds this almost unbearable and makes life damn difficult for herself and others. Black humor about a really wonderful topic: becoming parents.

Lu from Loser (eight episodes) can be seen from May 7th in the ZDF media library.

Thriller series: The Bank Hacker (ZDF media library)

Get incredibly rich in one fell swoop with a small, criminal stroke of genius? Sounds too good to be true. Jeremy, 19 years old, hacker, genius, gets the chance to land such a coup - and lets scammers hire him. That can't go well. Or is it?

The Bank Hacker (eight episodes) will be available from May 21 in the ZDF media library.

Comedy series: Braked out 2 (ARD media library)

Driving school teacher Beate used the shutdown for her first book of her own - but that doesn't help her either, because thanks to Corona, her company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Let's take it with humor and make the most of it!

Braked 2 (six episodes of 15 minutes each) can be seen in the ARD media library from May 28th.

In addition to a documentary about Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, the ZDF media library is currently also offering the computer game series "Dead Pixels" and the film "What does not kill us": a story about large and small human problems.

Contribution length:
5 min

Comedy series: The Kominsky Method (Netflix)

Sandy Kominsky, the aging acting teacher, turns his third season round through the big and small challenges of everyday life in and of itself. Sometimes we have a tear in our eyes, sometimes a smile in the corner of our mouth. And definitely a reunion with Hollywood icon Michael Douglas. If not in the cinema, then at home!

The Kominsky Method (Season 3) launches on May 28 on Netflix.

Comic: De Gaulle on the beach (arte media library)

Short and sweet, profoundly silly and hilarious - also for us: These are the short films in which we can get to know completely new sides of the great French statesman on vacation. Three minutes each for a big smile. Mon dieu! Why only 30 of them?

Stream more documentaries, films and series?

    • Spaetzle Arrabiata - or one hand washes the other (comedy series): from 1.5.
    • Sophie Scholl - The Last Days (Drama): from 3.5.
    • Rabiat (report series): from 3.5.
    • Eurovision Song Contest (preliminary decisions and final): from May 18.
    • Agatha Christie - Hydrocyanic acid (crime thriller): from May 26th.
    • The Carolin Kebekus Show (Personality): from May 27th.
    • 50 years of police call (several crime novels): from the end of May
    • Monster! Monster? (Drama): from 7.5.
    • Girl from Nowhere (Mystery, Season 2): from 7.5.
    • Jupiter's Legacy (Science Fiction, Season 1): from 7.5.
    • The Ball of 41 (Drama): from 12.5.
    • Oxygen (Thriller): from 12.5.
    • Love, Death & Robots (Action, Season 2): from May 14.
    • Army of the Dead (Action / Horror): from May 21.
    • Master of None (Drama, Season 3): from May 23.
    • Ghost Lab (Thriller): from May 26th
    • Eden (Anime, Season 1): from May 27th