Laughing increases your IQ

Intelligence and a sense of humor

Last update: January 21, 2019

A good sense of humor that can apply irony and wit to an often gray reality is almost always a sign of intelligence. It is the art of those who shape what they see with elegant satire to make us think, those who manage to make us laugh by making us aware of a less rigid and original reality.

Plato's texts are really surprising. The famous Greek philosopher and teacher of Aristotle warned that humor and laughter are little more than an attribute of evil. According to him, any person who used a lot of jokes showed proud behavior. You boast of yourself and dare to mock others, said Plato.

If Plato stuck to this vision, it was because the art of making others laugh sometimes resorted to offensive statements. In doing so, the author defies moral rules and mocks certain groups in society. He objectifies people, their beliefs, their physical characteristics. But Using humor in a sophisticated and creative way is quite an art.

A person without a sense of humor is like a carriage without springs. He is shaken by every pebble on the road. "

Henry Ward

Sense of humor and its relationship to intelligence

A person's humor is without a doubt the best cover letter. We have all noticed this more than once. It doesn't say anything about someone as much as when you find out what makes them laugh (or doesn't). Discovering his skills, relieving tension with a brilliant sense of humor, and dealing with irony will allow you to really get to know him.Almost without conscious action, humor can also promote our interpersonal relationships.

Regardless, those who have a finer and more creative sense of humor than other people usually also have a higher IQ. However, we also know that there are people with very high IQs who don't seem to understand jokes.

We know more details that make this topic even more interesting:

  • There is, for example, a study by the University of Vienna (Austria) which showed that people with a keen sense of humor had a very high verbal and emotional intelligence exhibited.
  • The results of similar studies also show that a direct Relationship between humor, cognitive skills, and emotional intelligenceSelf esteem consists.
  • In general, extroverts use humor as a Coping strategy for stress, worries or everyday adversities.
  • Evolutionary psychologists, on the other hand, describe humor as a “hereditary characteristic”, as a quality, one thing greater mobility and mental flexibilityor, on the contrary, can determine more rigidity.
  • Likewise, science discovered that more negative styles of humor, based on sarcasm, attack, and the use of ridicule, are associated with bad moods and depression.

Sense of humor and creativity

When Albert Einstein was asked where his ingenuity, creativity and intelligence came from, he naturally replied that the secret was his humor. He has had this sense of humor since childhood. At heart he was still a child who looked curious and innocent at the world. He has never lost the ability to be amazed, and especially not the ability to laugh.

For Einstein, this was not a trivial anecdote; he knew exactly what he was saying when he emphasized the importance of humor in relation to human intelligence. Indeed, many neuropsychological studies support the idea of ​​a relationship between positive emotional states and creativity and intelligence.

We shouldn't forget that laughter increases the production of dopamine in the brain. This neurotransmitter also activates the neural mechanisms that enable learning. This makes us more flexible and creative, and improves our memory and mental focus. In the same way, laughter increases our alertness.

Laughter is life and humor connects us with others. It reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and makes us more productive. Life is ultimately about love and humor. Love for his understanding and humor to endure every single day. So let's not ignore the heart and brain benefits of this great aphrodisiac. If the sense of humor makes us smarter, it pays to use it in ingenious and skillful ways.

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