How can I earn money with paintings

Make Money From Art - 7 Ways To Monetize Your Art

The reality for most contemporary artists is diversifying their income streams. If you want to earn money as a visual artist with art, it is sometimes not enough to rely on the representation in galleries or on freelance customers.

Fortunately, as the world changes, so have the opportunities for artists to make money from their creativity.

Sell ​​prints

You don't need to be a photographer to sell prints. Illustrators, painters, and even installation artists or sculptors can benefit from selling high quality prints of their artwork. This opens the door for fans who may not be able to match the retail price of an original piece, allowing you to duplicate the type of collectors you are targeting.

You can either print and sell directly, or you can use one of the many online services that allow artists to sell prints online for a small commission. So-called print on demand websites also sell products such as smartphone bags, scarves and backpacks with your designs printed directly on them.

Teach online

If you feel like teaching is your calling, you may want to consider taking classes online. More than ever, people in the creative world are looking for competent teachers who can help them take their work to a new level.

Painters, photographers, and graphic designers are just a few of the creatives who can make money in art by teaching it online. Anyone who finds a demand for their knowledge is in a position to earn something from it. Some people are even turning their classes into full-time work and starting paid membership services where people have access to private tutorials.

Write an ebook

If you enjoy writing more than creating video content, you might want to try your hand at creating an ebook. As an artist, there are enough topics on which you can write an e-book: be it a new technique, advice on a certain medium or the basics of human perception and the associated core concepts of art. Especially when a topic potentially earns other people money, the interested parties are willing to pay.

hold lectures

If you enjoy public speaking, you may be able to turn it into a lucrative side business. Whether for company events or as a guest lecturer at the VHS, there is definitely a market for creative thinkers who want to share the secrets of their art with others. Such a talk can often be done in conjunction with a workshop, which means a full day of activities.

Start by brainstorming some talk topics and make a short presentation about your work. Then look locally for organizations that you think may be of interest. Remember, it's not just arts organizations that can be interested in what you do. If you think outside the box, you will be able to get more jobs.

Teach workshops

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You may enjoy teaching, but the thought of planning an entire course is scary. Or you just enjoy the personal experience of dealing with the students. If so, then workshops are right for you. Especially popular with photographers, holding regular workshops can be a good addition to your income, especially if you know a niche like astrophotography or street photography inside out. Some photographers hold workshops in which they take groups to exotic locations and organize the trip on a specific topic.

Of course, workshops are not limited to photographers. Are you a street artist You could hold workshops on using spray paint or cutting stencils. Or are you perhaps an expert in calligraphy or hand lettering? Conducting workshops on the basics of calligraphy and typography could be an interesting source of income for you.

Think about your artistic niche and what you can offer that is special and unique. If you plan carefully, you may even be able to organize workshops around your travel planning and teach along the way.

Become an influencer

If you are familiar with social media and build a good following on your Instagram account, you may find that brands are reaching out to you for sponsored content. Particularly lucrative for travel photographers, many around the world finance themselves by networking with hotels, airlines and tour operators who provide their services for free in return for incredible images.

But not only travel photographers can jump into the action. Artists also work with various companies, from art supplies to fashion brands, to then share the results of the collaboration with their followers.

Start a blog or YouTube channel

How can you make money with it? In addition to the fact that potential customers can find your work through a well-designed blog or interesting YouTube videos, advertising and affiliate commissions can be lucrative sources of income. You can also use these platforms to advertise your other services: For example, you can point out your new ebook or inform your readership about new workshops.

If used properly, you can also receive commissions for recommending the products and devices you enjoy using. As for YouTube, it's no secret that the platform has turned its biggest stars into millionaires. But the reality is you don't need millions of views or even subscribers to make money.

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Earning money with art - Conclusion

In fact, in most cases, it's crucial to think about different ways to monetize your art in order to achieve success both creatively and financially. Before jumping into the fray without thinking, you should analyze your skills and ask yourself what you enjoy most of them. For example, speaking in public may not be your thing, but you love to explain your creative process to others. Instead of forcing yourself to speak, you can try creating a YouTube channel where you can share your passion with the public from the comfort of your own home, like explaining your art to your best friend.

Whatever you decide to try, remember that everything is an extension of your brand as an artist and you need to question whether this or that activity will support your overall goals. So prepare to think outside the box and expand your sources of income with some creative ways to monetize your art.