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Actor as an English teacher

During your sessions with 1to1PROGRESS you will learn a whole range of business-related vocabulary, Idioms and typical expressions. Why not turn to actors between your lessons to keep improving? They can help you become comfortable with what you've learned in context!

My favorite Business and Work films and series will help you improve your listening skills. Turning on subtitles will improve your reading skills too! Remember, however, that you shouldn't just watch the movie for this to work. You have to actively deal with the dialogues and vocabulary.

Here are some great movies and series to help you improve your business English!

  • "Thank You for Smoking" In this feature film, Nick Naylor's job is to manipulate laws and people so that the tobacco industry remains profitable! Things change strangely when he faces a great opponent ... Ideal for lobbying, debating, marketing, and advertising terms.

  • "The Social Network"A biography film based on the beginnings of Facebook and its implementation by a group of students. Ideal for start-up jargon, IT terms and technical idioms.

  • "The Company Men"This film shows the events in the life of a company employee after being laid off during the recession. Ideal for human resource vocabulary and idioms.

  • "The Good Wife" This drama series is about a woman whose husband, a former lawyer for the US state of Illinois, Cook County, was jailed after a notorious political corruption and sex scandal. Ideal for people interested in law, politics and technology and especially topics like bitcoins, viral marketing and NSA surveillance.

  • "Mad Men" Mad Mentakes place in New York in the 1960s. This provocative drama centers on the unscrupulous men and women of Madison Avenue Advertising. The series depicts an egocentric world in which the protagonists transform sales into an art. Ideal for PR, advertising, sales, negotiation, and persuasion strategies.

There are numerous other movies and series that you can watch to improve your language skills, but I'm sure I could give you some great ideas. Now all you have to do is make a list and take the time to improve your language skills through films and series ...

Melanie Hall - 1to1PROGRESS Educational Manager

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