What if Bronn lost to Ser Vardis

Did Oberyn "The Viper" ever expect to win the fighting process?

There is no POV chapter from Oberyn in the book, so we don't really know his chain of thoughts. However, it is very likely that he in order to expected to win the duel.

He is a skilled and accomplished fighter, and although the fight in the TV episode is more one-sided than in the book, he is rightly confident that he can hit the mountain. He poisoned his blade (hence telling Tyrion not to touch it), but he is known for it.

Most likely (as we said we can't know for sure) he wanted to knock the mountain into the ground and force him to confess before he was too badly injured to continue. Then he would be able to leave after forcing Gregor to publicly implicate Tywin on the rape and murder orders of his sister while Gregor suffered a slow, agonizing death.

If Gregor hadn't even been able to sit up, no one would doubt that Oberyn had won the fight, but if there had been a problem, Oberyn would still have had the chance to kill him there and then.

On the other hand, if Oberyn lost, assuming he wounded Gregor, he would still take revenge on him even if Tywin hadn't been involved.


For your information - I expect the big "surprise revelation" this season (# 7) is that Oberyn faked his death. : P.


That would be a surprise !!!!


True, unless someone has already invented duct tape in the GoT universe.