Is a VW Passat a male car

Who drives what

Germany is a nation of car drivers. But who actually drives what? The monthly registration statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority can only answer this question to a limited extent, especially since the statistics are in part falsified by the manufacturers 'and dealers' own registrations - and they do not provide any information about gender-specific differences. The Internet comparison portal Check24 has now presented a study based on the motor vehicle insurance policies taken out via the portal in 2014. Only brands that were able to book at least 1,000 deals were included in the evaluation. Some of the results of the study are surprising - and some are not.

The gentlemen of creation love Porsche, Jaguar and Jeep

The proportion of male drivers is particularly high in models from Porsche, Jaguar and Jeep - this is over 75 percent for all three brands. Real men's cars are, for example, the Porsche Cayman, which in some places amusingly is decried as a woman's car, as well as the Jaguar F-Type and the Jeep Cherokee.

Women, on the other hand, are mainly into models from Mini. The BMW subsidiary's brand is the only one with which more than half women have taken out car insurance. Suzuki and Daihatsu cars are also chased across the asphalt more often than average by female drivers. However, it is surprising that Fiat does not appear in the study. The Italian cuddly balls are - at least according to the cliché - but as girls' cars par excellence.

No matter how old and what gender: VW Golf is the most popular car

The men in general are impressed by the brands VW, BMW and Opel - the most percentage of deals were concluded for them in 2014. The five most popular models among the male population in this country are, in descending order, the VW Golf, the BMW 3 Series, the Opel Astra, the VW Passat and the Mercedes C-Class. Men under the age of 20 love to conquer the world in the VW Golf, the BMW 3 Series and the VW Polo, while the over 70 generation places more trust in the VW Golf, the Mercedes C-Class and the Mercedes E-Class.

Women prefer the brands VW, Opel and Ford - and the models VW Golf, Opel Corsa, VW Polo, Opel Astra and BMW 3 Series. Female drivers under the age of 20 love the Opel Corsa, the VW Polo and the VW Golf. The most popular models among women over the age of 70 are again the VW Golf, the Opel Corsa and the VW Polo.

In view of the study results, it is clear that the Volkswagen Golf is almost equally popular with men and women. The bestseller is also at the top of the list for second cars. Another finding: Men in particular apparently become more comfortable with age and switch to Mercedes-Benz cars.