Should we teach children in Bible schools

Welcome to the Brake Bible School

Basically, this construction phase continues to this day. It is constantly being renovated, rebuilt or expanded. Today the main building with the chapel, the teaching building with the library, the dining room building with the adjoining sports hall, the north building and two residential buildings for employees are located on the approximately 16,000 m² property.
Teaching takes place from the beginning of September to the end of April. In the summer months, when the second and third grades are out for the internship, the area is populated by guests. The Bible School has been running camps since 1960, first for young people, but then specifically for families. They particularly appreciate the all-round care of their children by our first graders who do their internship with us.
In 1978 John Parschauer handed over the school management to Doyle Klaassen. In 2007 Matthias Rüther replaced him as director, so that the Bible School has only the third director in its 50-year history.
The school year 1987/88 goes down in history as the year with the highest number of students. There were 193 students at the time, and that in a phase in which the classroom building was being renovated, meaning that other rooms had to be used as classrooms.
In 1990 the Brake Bible School began to tour annually with a multi-media show about a biblical book. First the book of Revelation was edited, then the first book of the Bible - Genesis - then the book of Daniel. Many people found faith in Jesus Christ as a result. When this branch of work was discontinued in 2012, a working group at the school developed a follow-up evangelistic project. The mobile Bible exhibition "dusted off". Since 2016, schoolchildren and employees have been out and about with this exhibition for four weeks in May and June at the invitation of municipalities. This interactive project provides basic knowledge about the book of books with many discovery stations for young and old. And it is supposed to strengthen trust in the message of the Bible.
From 1996 to 2008 Braker Youth Days were held annually. From 2010 it became a multi-day short Bible school for young people called Dig Deeper. In 1995 the Brake Bible School was recognized by the European Evangelical Accreditation Association.
With the graduation conference 2019, around 2,250 graduates completed the entire training.

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