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The 10 best freeware tools for 2020 at a glance

Arne Arnold

Exciting new features appear every month for powerful tools that are completely free, too. The 10 best updated programs are featured in detail here.

You will find almost all the important free and shareware programs for Windows in our download area. The tools are all checked for viruses and are constantly updated. It's always worth taking a look.

For this issue we have selected the ten tools with the most exciting updates. Included is, for example, the Syncback tool, which takes care of the security of your files, or the Shutup10 program, which ensures privacy on Windows 10 PCs and should be run again after every major Windows update.

You can also check these new additions yourself, because we list them neatly at www.pcwelt.de/downloads/neuzugaenge, sorted by days.

All the programs presented run under Windows 8.1 and 10 and can be used free of charge. Some are function-reduced editions of payment programs. The limitation with the Sumo update tool is most significant. If you want to automatically update your programs to the latest version with Sumo, you have to use the paid version.

One more word about the system requirements. Since February 2020, PC-WELT has only given the two PC Windows versions that Microsoft still provides with security updates. These are Windows 8.1 and 10. In fact, most programs also run under the older Windows versions 8.0 and 7. Since we no longer recommend using these versions for security reasons, we have omitted this information.

By the way: On the next page we present two of the programs from our top 10 newcomers in more detail, as we consider them to be particularly interesting. On the following two pages we describe the remaining eight programs. We have sorted the programs alphabetically. So there is no placement.

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Privacy Shutup10

With the free anti-spy tool O&O Shutup10, you can improve your privacy with Windows 10 and determine which information Windows 10 sends home to Microsoft. Even if you already know the tool and have used it, it is worth using it again. Because with the major upgrades of Windows 10 in spring and autumn, Microsoft often resets some of the data protection settings.

With Shutup10 you can deactivate the various sniffing functions of Windows with a switch. So that you know what you are doing, the program provides explanations for each of them. If the switch is red, the Windows default setting is active; green indicates that your privacy is protected.

You can also use the green, yellow and red symbols to identify which settings are particularly important (green), which are only recommended or recommended to a limited extent (yellow) and which you should not touch (red). With the button "Actions" you can toggle all switches of one of these three groups with a mouse click. You will also find a way to create a system restore point there, which is always a good idea when you make changes to the registry.

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Tool collection Windows System Control Center 4.0.3

The Windows System Control Center (WSCC) combines over 330 tools from Sysinternals, Nirsoft and other software manufacturers under one program interface. They are first class tools for system maintenance and data recovery. Anyone looking for a bug in Windows is usually well advised with WSCC.

WSCC is only the framework for the individual tools. Accordingly, WSCC starts an empty operator prompt after the installation, but at the same time offers the automatic download of all tools. Agree to this and use the wizard to get the programs onto your PC. Depending on the Internet speed and PC power, this can take some time. A click on "Updates" brings the program collection up to date. The update manager then updates software that has already been downloaded and also sets up new programs. WSCC then offers the programs sorted according to their manufacturers and areas of responsibility. The search function at the top right of the window is helpful, as it delivers the right programs when you enter a keyword. The Sysinternals tools integrated into the WSCC are a collection of over 100 tools that Microsoft provides for Windows diagnostics and troubleshooting. The most important tools in the library include the Task Manager Process Explorer and the Process Monitor.

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File management Alldup 4.4.16

The Alldup software is ideal for searching for duplicate files, files with the same name or files with identical content. The tool not only compares the contents of two folders, but also searches entire drives or all data carriers on a PC, including all connected USB sticks and hard drives, if required. Alldup also searches RAR and ZIP archives, can display or play pictures, texts, music and videos and export the search results to a text file. When searching for the same photos and MP3s, the tool ignores the metadata and only compares the content. Alldup offers 24 options for selecting and deselecting files in the "Select" menu. However, making a correct selection can still be tedious.

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PDF printing Bullzip Free PDF Printer 11.12

Bullzip PDF Printer creates PDF files for you from any Windows application if you wish. The small freeware program Bullzip Free PDF Printer is simply set up as an additional printer driver. If you then want to create a PDF file, simply open the printer dialog and enter the Bullzip Free PDF Printer as the target printer. Your document will then not be printed, but redirected and saved as a PDF file. The program generates password-protected and encrypted PDF files on request, offers different print specifications and supports watermarks. During the installation you need an internet connection, because Bullzip Free PDF Printer requires, among other things, the free Ghostscript tool, which it downloads during the installation.

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Ccleaner extension Ccenhancer 5.63

The Ccleaner tool removes user traces from Windows and programs. With the free Ccleaner extension Ccenhancer