What does single daily dose mean

Single doseAdministration: For some drugs, a single dose is sufficient for prevention or treatment.

synonymous: single dose

Single administration

Many drugs are administered daily over a longer period of time, for example agents for high blood pressure or lipid-lowering drugs such as statins for disorders of the fat metabolism.

However, there are also various drugs for which a single dose, i.e. a single administration, is sufficient. If necessary, it can be repeated after a defined period of time. A regular application, for example every week, is not a single dose. In this case, a long dosing interval is used.

It is important that the patients are adequately informed about the therapy regimen by the specialists, because a single administration is unfamiliar to the patients.

A single dose may be higher than a usual single dose, but this is not a necessity. A long half-life is also not a mandatory requirement.

Finally, due to its simplicity, the single dose represents a significant advantage for adherence to therapy.


A single dose is sometimes sufficient even for simple complaints such as mild headaches.

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