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TV armchair: test & recommendations (05/21)

Do you just want to put your feet up after a long and tiring day at work and end the evening with an exciting film? Then a TV armchair is the right choice for you. But which quality criteria should you consider when buying in order to fully enjoy your TV armchair?

In our TV armchair test 2021 we present you the best and latest models from the respective categories. We also give you important tips to help you choose the TV armchair that is perfect for you. Regardless of whether you have an armchair with a stand-up aid, a massage chair, a sleeping chair, a relaxing chair, a rocking chair or a wing chair, you will find the best TV armchairs on the market here.

the essentials in brief

  • A TV armchair offers you an incomparable cinema experience for your home. Thanks to its high level of comfort, the armchair prevents tension and cramps.
  • The covers of the TV armchairs are made from different materials such as real leather, synthetic leather and microfiber.
  • Using different quality criteria, such as functionality, equipment, workmanship, comfort and design, you can compare TV armchairs with each other.

TV armchair test: favorites of the editors

The best recliner

The high-quality recliner by Robas Lund is made of real cowhide in the area of ​​the entire contact area. The back and underside of the armchair is made of the synthetic leather polyvinyl chloride.

Furthermore, the relax armchair consists of a frame made of sturdy molded wood. Above all, it impresses with its elegant appearance and high-quality workmanship. The good workmanship stands out above all through the perfectly processed seams and the soft, comfortable leather.

The TV armchair with the best price-performance ratio

The Svita TV armchair is a swivel armchair made of comfortable synthetic leather with a wooden base. The backrest is adjustable and the armchair can be tilted; overall the design is timeless. In combination with the stool, it is perfect for cozy and relaxed hours at home.

Customers also praise the compactness and the unbeatable price, so that over half of the customers rate the armchair as very good.

The best TV armchair with a massage function

This relaxation armchair with built-in massage and heating function provides all desirable functions, such as swiveling or an adjustable backrest, for an unbeatable price. In addition, it is a real eye-catcher, so we can only recommend this model from Homcom!

This recliner by Homcom is covered with synthetic leather, the upholstery is made of pore foam, which was drawn over a hardwood construction. The synthetic leather of this armchair is easy to care for and easy to clean.

The Homcom relaxation and massage chair has 10 vibrating massage points, six in the backrest, two in the seat and two in the stool. There are 10 vibration modes and 10 massage intensities to choose from for an individual massage experience.

The best wing chair

This wing chair will be a real eye-catcher in your apartment. Thanks to its good workmanship and stylish design, it scores across the board. Since the armchair is available in many beautiful colors, there is something for every taste.

The cover of this gray wing chair consists of a pleasant and high-quality fabric, which is available in different colors. The padding is made of foam and is reinforced with a wooden frame inside.

A nice effect is created by the built-in wave suspension, which lets the seat cushion comfortably and thus adapts individually to the weight of the person sitting. The feet of the armchair are made of wood and are painted in a simple black.

Buying Guide: Questions to Consider Before Buying a TV Armchair

What are the advantages of a TV armchair compared to a conventional armchair?

For the cozy evening in front of the TV you can of course also sit on a conventional armchair or sofa, but in the long run your back will thank you if you switch to a special TV armchair, which is ideal for long periods of sitting and lying down.

In summary, a TV armchair offers you the following notable advantages over a conventional armchair:

  • Greater comfort
  • Back pain prevention
  • Depending on the model, it has individual functions
  • Especially beneficial for the elderly

In general, TV armchairs are more comfortable than many other armchairs, as most models are characterized by very soft upholstery and can be optimally adapted to the posture thanks to the adjustable backrest or the swing mechanism.

Many TV armchairs also have their own footrest or a separate foot section, which enables maximum relaxation.

Furthermore, some models of TV armchairs have a built-in massage function, which can also help relieve back pain. Since back problems are more common in older people and seniors, an armchair with a stand-up aid can also be an enormous relief for them.

What does a TV armchair cost?

TV armchairs have a very large price range, which on average can range from approx. 130 euros to approx. 650 euros.

The price depends above all on the functions that the TV armchair brings with it and on the material from which it was made. The prices for a massage chair, for example, are usually in the three-digit range.

If you only have a very low budget for your armchair, we recommend a simple rocking armchair without special functions, such as the one from Ikea. You can buy this from Amazon for around 35 euros.

If, on the other hand, you would prefer an electrically controllable armchair that is equipped with a stand-up aid, you will usually have to pay around 400 euros or more.

Rocking chairapprox. 35 - 80 euros
Relax armchairapprox. 130 - 500 euros
Reclinerapprox. 150 - 500 euros
Wing chairapprox. 150 - 2,000 euros
Armchair with stand-up aidapprox. 250 - 3,000 euros
Massage chairapprox. 300 - 6,000 euros

Where can I buy a TV armchair?

You can buy TV armchairs in any well-stocked furniture store and on the Internet. TV armchairs that are operated electrically, for example with a remote control or a massage function, can sometimes also be purchased in larger electronics stores.

Ordering larger pieces of furniture over the Internet has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it saves you the time-consuming transport. According to our research, most of the TV armchairs on the Internet are currently sold through the following shops:

  • amazon.de
  • ebay.de
  • otto.de
  • Ikea
  • Höffner
  • Segmuller
  • Poco domain

What material should a TV armchair have?

An important decision criterion when choosing a suitable TV armchair is, among other things, the material from which the armchair is made.

This should ideally be easy to care for, durable and breathable. Which materials can be differentiated here and which advantages and disadvantages the individual substances bring with them are shown below:

Genuine leather

  • Breathable material that absorbs sweat
  • Very hard-wearing
  • High durability
  • Quite expensive compared to other materials
  • High need for care
  • Susceptible to stains but insensitive to scratches and scrapes


  • Very easy to care for
  • Insensitive to stains but prone to scratches
  • Relatively cheap
  • Not breathable
  • Often badly processed
  • Partial chemical odor of the artificial leather


  • Very comfortable on the skin thanks to the soft fabric
  • Fairly easy to care for and durable
  • Fast drying
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Often looks cheap
  • Pet hair sticks to the fabric very stubbornly

Which TV armchairs work preventively and soothe back pain?

Sitting for long periods of time can have an extremely negative effect on your back, especially if your posture is not optimal when you are sitting.

We have a wrong posture especially when we sit on unsuitable seating for too long. These negative effects on the back can be prevented or alleviated with back-friendly and ergonomic relaxation chairs.

But how do you recognize an ergonomic TV armchair? We have created a small checklist for this:

  • The seat should be so deep that there is still room for two fingers between the back of the knee and the seat
  • The backrest should support the back well at every point and reach at least shoulder height
  • The backrest should be adjustable and have a footrest
  • The armrests should be wide and high enough so that the shoulders neither hang nor are pushed up
  • Additional massage or heating functions are ideal

Decision: what types of TV armchairs are there and which one is right for me?

TV armchairs are, as the name suggests, mainly used for watching TV and should therefore offer a high level of comfort. But often other properties of such armchairs are also included in the decision-making process for a purchase. The decisive features here are above all:


Are you looking for a TV armchair that is not only comfortable, but also has as many special functions as possible? Then you might be interested in the following armchairs:

  • Armchair with stand-up aid
  • Massage chair


The ideal armchair for you should be very comfortable and offer maximum comfort? Then the following TV armchairs are most likely to come into question for you


Are you looking for a real eye-catcher? Armchairs that are sure to attract everyone's attention are for example:

  • Rocking chair
  • Wing chair

Depending on which features of a TV armchair you prefer in your choice, different types of TV armchairs will work best for you. In the following section we will compare the different categories of TV armchairs to help you find the armchair that is best for you.

Which TV armchairs bring the most useful features and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Many TV armchairs have some helpful functions that can sweeten a cozy evening in front of the TV. For example, it is often possible to control the TV armchair electrically, but simple additional equipment features such as a cup holder are also offered.

We will now go into more detail on the individual advantages and disadvantages of possible special features of TV armchairs:

Armchair with stand-up aid