Why some people stopped calling me

Translation of "to call" in portuguese

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ligar para telefonar chamar ligar-te ligar-lhe ligar-me recorrer


I try to give the time on the phone to call.
And then he'll probably start all the hospitals to call.
E depois, provavelmente, vai começar a ligar para as urgências.
Some people have nothing else to do but to call and hang up.
Há pessoas que nicht têm mais nada que fazer do que telephone e desligar.
That's a bad reason to see you after all this time to call.
Detesto que seja esta a razão pela qual te estou a telephone depois deste tempo todo.
Look, the Graystones had about 30 minutes on the police to call.
Olha, os Graystone tiveram cerca de 30 minutos para chamar a polícia.
I can try Derek again to call.
Posso tentar chamar o Derek novamente.
I forgot him today to call.
It's time, Stan's daughter to call.
Está na hora de chamar a filha do Stan.
You didn't promise his dad to call.
Prometeste not chamar o pai dele.
You have to stop me to call.
You know, your husband was so kind to my superiors to callwho hired me again.
Bem, o seu marido fez a gentileza de ligar para o meu superior, que se viu apto a reintegrar-me.
I'll start at the local costume shops to call.
Vou começar a ligar para as lojas locais de disfarces.
Anyway, I find it totally insensitive of her, anyway to call.
Sabes que mais? Acho que foi insensível da parte dela, em telephone.
I was ahead of you because of the night to call.
Olha, eu tenho estado para te telephone por causa da outra noite.
Their parents to call does not mean a family get-together.
Ligar aos teus pais significa uma reunião de família.
Finally stop to call.
A telepathic message to us to call.
A Neri enviou-te uma mensagem psíquica para nos ligares.
It's time Harry to call.
Rhyme has been trying you for hours to call.
Also, I tried twice to call.
Além do mais, tentei ligar-te duas vezes.
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