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Improve charisma: 10 tips for more charisma

Expertise and motivation alone are usually not enough to be professionally successful. The personal Charisma is just as important. How often do we judge books by their cover - and people by their appearance? Therefore, a person does not necessarily have to go to Blender mutate. There may well be expertise behind the radiant facade. But it's stupid when the first impression and charisma tend to promise professional sadness ... Therefore: 10 tried and tested tips on how to make your Improve charisma and immediately appear more charismatic ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Improve charisma: The first impression counts

Your first meeting with a new manager, with new colleagues or customers, is yours Radiance is crucial. Because it's true: For the first impression there is no second chance. At least not that fast.

It takes time only a tenth of a seconduntil we form a judgment about our counterpart.

The opinion that emerges from this is difficult to change again later. We trust ours intuition often more than any assertion or evidence. It is all the more important to have those already in the first moment of meeting Embassy that we would like to convey.

But how does this first impression come about?

Scientists now know that our brains above all else two assessments in a short time:

  • trustworthiness

    The brain already decides in the first moment whether a stranger seems sympathetic and trustworthy to us. This assessment has evolutionary origins. From the beginning it was vital for people to be able to quickly decide between friend and foe. We use the essential signals for this: eye contact, body language, voice.

  • Social status

    The social rank as well as dominance and competencies of our counterpart are assessed during the first few seconds of contact. There are studies according to which test subjects were able to determine the ranking of all persons within a group exactly within minutes based on their body language. Not only clothes make the man - so does the charisma!

How the charisma helps with your career

The charisma plays a decisive role, not only when it comes to the first impression. In the further Working life There are always situations in which you can use a professional look to your advantage. Three of these Scenarios we introduce to you:

  • Job interview: It's normal to be nervous after being invited for an interview. Anyone who still maintains a confident charisma and exudes self-confidence, professionalism and competence during the interview not only gives a better picture - he or she is also more likely to be the ideal candidate for the job advertisement.
  • Customer presentation: The more professional the look, the more likely the customer is to feel that they are in good hands. Gaining trust, maintaining credibility, conveying competence - all of these can create a charisma. This is how you get orders and build customer relationships.
  • Business lunch: With an important business partner in a noble restaurant or a meal with the boss - anyone who attracts negative attention on such occasions is quickly catapulted into the sidelines. However, those who inspire with charm and charisma are recommended for other important occasions - and positions.

10 tips on how to improve your charisma

Granted, some people seem so was born with a strong charisma to be. Real natural talents. But that is no reason to mop up when fate has placed other talents in the cradle.

The good news: Radiance can be learned and improved. These ten tips can help:

  1. Make yourself aware of your charisma.

    The first step is the most important: Be aware of how you appear to others, how you behave - ruthlessly honest. This is the only way you can work on yourself and improve deficits.

  2. Improve your body language.

    Sagging shoulders and a head tilted to the floor - body language like this loses any confident impression. Instead, train yourself to maintain more body tension - a straight, stretched posture, your head upright (but not snooty).

    Find and maintain eye contact with those around you. Eye contact builds trust! And make slow, frank gestures. Not only does this have a calming effect - you immediately look classier. Take a look at kings or presidents: none of them move frantically.

  3. Train your gait.

    As you come and gone, you will be receivedis a saying. And it's true: how you walk affects how others perceive you. A self-confident and open gait with large strides is much more confident than cautious paddling.

    As with body language, speed is also crucial here: a jagged gait can appear motivated and goal-oriented. Too much speed, however, and you only appear hectic and stressed. The charisma of our corridor is even reflected in the language we use: It just makes a difference whether you are a Quiet are or someone who with both feet firmly on the ground and stands in life (see also: Biofeedback)

  4. Wear stylish clothes.

    As I said, clothing isn't everything, but it plays a role in it Make people. Yes, that may be terribly superficial. Nevertheless, we cannot get out of our skin: We judge a person in a tailor-made suit differently than someone in a boiler suit. Behind this are stereotypes. But also very powerful ones - and they can be used to your own advantage.

    So think carefully about whether your chosen outfit shows the image of you that you want to convey to your boss, colleagues and customers. An old career rule is: Never dress for the job you have, but rather the job you want. Conversely, psychological studies in the past have shown that professional and stylish clothing also has repercussions on us and our body language. Or to put it another way: we move more confidently in a suit than in jeans.

  5. Work on your language.

    The way we speak, the words we choose, have a direct impact on our charisma. Just think of the many encounters you have already had, in which you initially classified a person as intelligent, competent, patent - up to the moment they opened their mouth ?!

    If only you had remained silent ... - Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses - then you would have remained a philosopherBoethius groaned. So choose your words wisely, expand your vocabulary (e.g. by reading) and practice more eloquence and the vocabulary used in the industry. That immediately radiates more self-confidence and professionalism.

  6. Take responsibility.

    A professional charisma is also evident when dealing with problems: If you want to appear more confident, you shouldn't talk about it or lament. Instead, you should call things by their names - even if a project fails, a customer is dissatisfied, or you screwed up.

    If you don't look to others to blame, but take responsibility and concentrate on finding a solution, you not only immediately have more charisma - you also demonstrate personal maturity and greatness.

  7. Convey a positive attitude.

    The current emotional state always resonates in our charisma. Too much of it, especially constantly changing or negative emotions, counteract our charisma. Somebody like that leaves a rather fickle and negative image of themselves.

    On the other hand, those who maintain the positive attitude of realistic optimism will not only have a positive effect on their overall appearance, but also appear more personable and attractive to others (see also video).

  8. Convince through commitment.

    Hardly anything exudes as much professionalism as reliability. Just as we prove our strengths primarily through consistently good performance, we also confirm the trust placed in us through the maxim: Never promise more than we can keep! Anything else just creates “product disappointment” - and damages the image in no time.

  9. Master the manners.

    Whether good nursery, etiquette or business etiquette - all these conventions describe the cultivated interaction with one another. The basic structure of these manners has existed for decades, so it should be taken for granted. Unfortunately it is not. What gives you the chance to attract attention: through excellent manners. Those who have good manners will not let others feel when they are missing. But he recognizes his own kind.

  10. Keep your authenticity.

    Even if you have already read a lot of tips on how you can improve your charisma - please do not pretend to be. Anyone who therefore plays a role will at some point be exposed by their environment and then appear more like a blender.

    Training and internalization are not in contradiction to authenticity, after all you are working on yourself. This is different from just setting up a behavior.

Broadcast Tip: Names are news

We humans are all vain - some more than others. And whoever addresses us by name immediately gets our full attention. Finally, the address by name demonstrates the highest appreciation, motto: You are so important that I remembered your name.

You can of course also use the psychological momentum behind it to improve your charisma. Make a note of names (or research them) and address the other person by name. You will find: it makes a difference!

PS: Here are some tips on how you can remember names better.

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