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SSC Napoli international under pressure: Donetsk beat and hope

ByManuel Behlert21. November 2017

While SSC Napoli leads the table in Serie A and has not yet lost a game, the club from Italy is still defeated at Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. The two games against a Manchester City, which still had to deliver, were unsatisfactory for Napoli, even if there were phases in both games in which the Citizens could pose problems.

The direct duel with the Ukrainians will now be an endurance test for Napoli. The team of coach Sarri has to win the direct comparison against Donetsk, the first leg ended 2-1 for Shakhtar.


With a tailwind in the game

At the weekend against AC Milan, SSC Napoli won 2-1. After Zielinski's goal to make it 2-0, the team slowed down a bit, also because they had this game against Donetsk in the back of their minds. The game was won, the championship lead was defended and the lead over Juventus Turin was even increased. When it comes to self-confidence, the Italians would have to win the duel.

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But what does the pressure do with the team? Donetsk is already in the round of 16 with one point, can play defensively and react to opponents. Of course, SSC Napoli has the means to pose big problems for every defensive in the world, but the longer it is 0-0 and the better the counterattacks of the Ukrainians work, the more nervous the Sarri-troop becomes.


Even if you win, you have to tremble

In addition, there is another problem even with a win. Because Donetsk will play against a Manchester City on the last day of the match, which will in all likelihood be group winners by then. And the Ukrainians still play at home. It's a bad feeling when you don't have everything in your own hands. And it is precisely against this feeling that SSC Napoli has to defend itself.

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But no thought should be wasted on the last game day. The offensive around Hamsik, Insigne, Callejon and Mertens must ensure that Donetsk is defeated and that the theoretical possibility still exists on the last day of the game. The defensive must at the same time keep the balance and stop Shakhtar's attacks early on. The season in the Champions League should not be over for Naples yet, so every player will get everything out of himself in front of frenetic fans.



Manuel Behlert

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