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The German banker Sascha Schornstein (36) lives in the upscale London district of Knightsbridge, works for the renowned Royal Bank of Scotland and is a hobby pilot. On July 21, his plane disappears over the English Channel on its way from Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire to Le Touquet (France). A short time later rescuers discover wreckage - but there is no trace of the wealthy banker until now!

Now the daily newspaper “Daily Mail” speculates: DID THE BANKER JUST FEEL HIS CRASH?

A plane crash without a corpse, a man who went fishing and never returned, a visit to the park without a return: BILD.de shows unbelievable cases of people believed dead.

He left his family and started a new life with a man

Eric Myers from Arizona lived the American dream: he married his school friend Anne, they had two daughters, Kirsten and Erin, and adopted three little boys from Vietnam. His father's company he worked for was doing well.

Nevertheless, the American disappeared without a trace after a seminar in San Diego. He checked out of his hotel and never returned, the Daily Mail reported:

For 16 years, the desperate family thought Myers had fallen victim to a crime. In 1996, Myers was officially pronounced dead.

Then family and friends suddenly got mysterious e-mails: "Would you like to know what happened to Eric Myers?" Myers sought contact with his loved ones and returned.

Why did he pretend to be dead?

The father of the family carried a secret with him for years: he was attracted to men.

What should have been a short break turned into an escape from his old life. "I said to myself, just a week, maybe two, then you can go back and everything will be fine." But a week turned into months, then years.

Myers met a man, fell in love, and started a new life with him.

“I know it was the most selfish thing I could do. But nobody is all good or all bad. "

Eric Myer's mother forgave him after the first hug. His wife and children have not let him back into their lives yet ...

He disappeared on a fishing trip - because he was in debt

Patrick Kim McDermott, photographer and ex-boyfriend of actress Olivia Newton-John ("Grease"), disappeared in 2005 at the age of 48 while on a fishing trip.

He was last seen on a boat in San Pedro Harbor, California. Olivia Newton-John, with whom he was dating for nine years, was in Australia at the time. For a long time McDermott was considered missing, it was only in November 2008 that it was assumed that he had probably drowned.

Had he faked his death because he was deeply in debt?

In 2009 private detectives found the missing person in Mexico: Chief investigator Philip Klein at the time to the “Daily Telegraph”: “He's alive. There is no doubt that the guy is alive. "

And further: “He hadn't paid rent for two months. His disability payments stopped ... He was down. ”In addition, McDermott allegedly owed alimony to his ex-wife.

How did investigator Klein find out about the missing person?

He put an alleged homepage of the photographer on the net and researched where McDermott could be based on the IP addresses of the visitors. Klein claims that McDermott himself visited the website several times, leaving a virtual trail that led to the Mexican city of Sayulita. The investigator: "We showed a photo of the missing person in Sayulita, and many said: 'Yes, I know him, he comes here more often.'"

The last thing anyone heard from the man believed dead was that he wanted to be left alone.

She left her family behind and lived with the homeless

Eleven years ago, the American Brenda Heist, now 54, brought her children (Morgan, then eight and Lee, 12 years old) to school. Then she went into hiding.

Heist was in the middle of a divorce from her husband, worried about how to feed her two children.

After she was denied housing allowance, she sat in a park and cried. When approached by several homeless people, she decided on a whim to go with them. She hitchhiked with them from Pennsylvania to Florida, lived on the streets for years, reported "CNN". She later met a man and lived with him in a camper van for a few years.

For years the family looked for Brenda Heist, hoping for a sign of life. Finally, the missing woman was pronounced dead in 2010.

Only recently did the woman's life become too difficult, so she reported to the police.

Police officer John Schofield told local TV broadcaster WHTM, "She told me she was just exhausted, she was too tired to keep running away."

Heist's family reacted angry and disappointed to the return: his ex-wife had no idea what kind of suffering she had caused the children, said her ex-husband. Her disappearance was "an incredible shock" to the family, he said on television. At the time, he thought his wife had been kidnapped. He later thought she was dead.

It is unlikely that the children will want to see their mother again. Daughter Morgan, 19, tweeted: “You should burn in hell for what you did to me. I wish I hadn't shed a tear after you all these years. "

He made up a girlfriend - then he made up her death

It was the heartbreaking story of a young football star that moved America to tears. The reason: One day, the grandmother and girlfriend of star footballer Manti Te'o (21) died and he still led his team to the final of the college championship.

On September 12, 2012, Te'o received the news that his grandmother Annette Santiago († 72) had died. A few hours later he was allegedly informed that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua was also dead. She had died of leukemia.

A few days later, Te'o showed one of his best performances of the season in the 20: 3 win of his football team Notre Dame against Michigan State.

Te'o had informed his trainer Brian Kelly about the deaths, who had passed the news on to the media. They gratefully took up the maudlin story of the football ace who gives everything for the team despite personal strokes of fate. Also because it was announced that the dead friend did not want her boyfriend to come to the funeral and miss an important game ...

But then it came out: The girlfriend never existed!

The website "deadspin.com" revealed that Te'o's supposed girlfriend never existed. There are no social security documents, no funeral notice, no obituary about the death of a Kekua. Stanford University, where Kekua is said to have graduated, has no records whatsoever on a person by that name ...

The popular linebacker is said to have faked the death of his alleged girlfriend in order to catch a glimpse of the public.

Te'o later claimed to have been tricked. Someone pretended to be Kekua - whom he had never met personally. "It's incredibly embarrassing to have to talk about, but the truth is, I was in a long-term relationship with a woman I met online," said the football star.

Two cases from Germany: Better to believe dead than in jail

In order to avoid a pre-trial arrest warrant, a man in Hagen faked his own death. The 35-year-old had given up his apartment and placed an obituary notice in a national newspaper in order to be able to go into hiding.

The police had been looking for the man for months after he failed to show up at his trial for several fraudulent offenses.

In April 2012, the man was arrested in an apartment in Hagen. Totally alive ...

There was also a similar case in Aachen: an allegedly dead person stood before the Aachen regional court for forging documents and cheating insurance companies.
In order to escape imminent imprisonment, the man, who had several previous convictions for fraud, issued himself a death certificate in 2006 and sent the court his own death certificate.

“I had so many people against me in the judiciary. I thought it would be better if I disappeared completely, ”the man confessed.

Did these celebrities fake their deaths?

Les Humphries

He produced mega hits like "Mexico" and "Mama Loo", the whole world knew him, Les Humphries († 67). He died in England in 2007. So lonely that even his ex-wife Dunja Rajter only found out about it weeks later.

But no sooner had the news of his demise made the rounds than the first rumors emerged.

Is Les Humphries still alive after all? This speaks for: The circumstances of his death are more than mysterious. And he had faked his death once before. On a radio show!

In 1998, Les Humphries called Bayern 3 and pretended to be his own brother. At the time, he claimed he was killed in a car accident in Mallorca. A little later he cleared up the matter and joked that he was in very good health.

And this time? There is indeed a death certificate. His ex-wife and son Danny only got an email from Les' half-brother Chan that Les had died.

So is the musician really dead? Or has he just pretended to be his brother again and allowed himself a bad joke?

Tim Dog

The sudden death of US rapper Tim Dog (46) is also very suspicious: He is said to have died in February of complications from diabetes.

But the public prosecutor does not believe that: the investigators have obtained an arrest warrant against him. You suspect the musician of having only faked his death, reports the newspaper "Die Welt".

There is no death certificate or any other official document. Instead, however, a motive: With the alleged death, the 46-year-old's obligation to pay compensation to various women, to whom he owed thousands of dollars, also ended.

Jim Morrison

In 1971, Jim Morrison, the legendary singer of the band "The Doors", was found dead in the bathtub of his Paris apartment. To this day there is speculation about his cause of death: Officially, the 27-year-old died of heart failure, unofficially of a heroin overdose.

Is he still alive?

Band colleague and keyboard player Ray Manzarek († 74, died in May 2013) has his own theory, which he once explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: "Jim was a restless soul, he was always looking for something else in life, and even six successful - and excessive - years with The Doors weren't enough for him, ”said Manzarek.

A year before his death, Morrison showed him a brochure about the Seychelles and said, "Wouldn't this be the perfect escape if everyone thought you were dead?"

At that time Manzarek didn't think anything of it. “Jim was a very wild guy who kept coming up with crazy ideas. But he was also very clever. "

When the news of his death came from Paris, Manzarek did not take the call from manager Bill Siddons seriously: "My first reaction was that Jim's death was just another rock 'n' roll rumor."

Siddons was sent to Paris to find out the truth. Too late, because Morrison was buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris after just four days.

Strange: Apparently nobody examined Morrison's body, the coffin was sealed immediately after the musician's death.

This leads Manzarek to his assumption: "I often ask myself whether his death was a sophisticated staging ..."

There are also similar rumors about Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Falco and of course Elvis Presley ...

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