Pineapple is good for us

Pineapple makes you fit - but not necessarily slim

For a long time she was the star of many diets because pineapple is low in calories but high in vitamins. However, it is therefore not ideal for losing weight.

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Pineapple only contains around 56 kilocalories per 100 grams - it is therefore well suited as part of a healthy diet.

Raw food, low fat, half servings - diets are a dime a dozen. At the latest with the so-called Hollywood diet, another weight loss method became known: the pineapple diet. In fact, the tropical fruit is healthy and suitable for numerous light meals, as experts confirm. But they don't think much of a diet with pineapple.

Pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals

"Pineapple is suitable for a healthy diet because it only contains around 56 kilocalories or 232 kilojoules per 100 grams," explains Margret Morlo from the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics in Aachen. "So it is low in calories and still contains a relatively large number of vitamins and minerals."

These are, for example, sodium, potassium and iron, but also vitamins A, E, B1, B2, niacin B6 and vitamin C. "But it is only as healthy as all other types of fruit," emphasizes the expert. For example, it doesn't help with fat loss as many people assume. "There are no foods that lead to fat loss," says Morlo.

Pineapple makes you hungry rather than full

"I don't think much of a diet where you only eat pineapple for several days," says Klaus Wilfried Meyer from the Association of German Chefs in Frankfurt am Main. "Anything where only one food is supplied to the body cannot be good." In addition, pineapples contain a high proportion of fructose. "This quickly gets into the bloodstream and you get hungry, which is not really suitable for a diet." Morlo emphasizes that if you want to lose weight sensibly, you should check your eating habits and change them if necessary.

A green pineapple can also be ripe

When shopping, customers should also make sure that the pineapple is fresh. "Pineapples that come from Latin America are often green," says Andreas Brügger, managing director of the German Fruit Trade Association in Bonn. This is due to the fact that there are no large temperature differences between day and night near the equator. "As a result, the plant breaks down less chlorophyll - and tends to stay green." In this case, however, it could still be ripe. Otherwise, the rule applies: "If the pineapple has a shiny, fresh color on the outside and the leaves are not lignified, you can expect pleasant freshness from the fruit."

Pineapple with meat and curry

Diced pineapple tastes great with muesli and goes well with meat, as Meyer explains. “Their pulp contains a protein-splitting enzyme, bromelin. If you pour the juice of a pineapple over meat, it makes the meat a little more tender. " In terms of taste, it goes well with turkey breast, for example. "You can pour pineapple juice over the poultry breast, marinate it and put it in the refrigerator overnight," says the chef. Then fry the meat with peach and banana in a pan and serve it with rice and a curry sauce. "It tastes delicious and light."

Chicken salad with pineapple

Another variant is chicken salad. "To do this, roast a leg of chicken in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes so that the juice stays in," says Meyer. After the leg has cooled down a bit, you dice the meat. "Then add the pineapple and, depending on your taste, mushrooms, orange fillets and apple." However, not everything should just be cut somehow. “With a salad in particular, it is always nicer to eat when everything is diced into pieces of the same size.

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