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From Freigericht: software solutions for companies

December 06, 2019. - The digital transformation of companies is the core business of the Freigericht company CID GmbH. For more than 20 years, it has been developing tailor-made software solutions for its customers around the world and researching for them in the field of artificial intelligence. District Member and Head of Economic Affairs, Winfried Ottmann, together with Walter Dreßbach, Head of the Office for Economics, Labor and Digital Infrastructure, found out about the company's most important projects and encouraged a close exchange on the subject of digitization. Because four schools in the Main-Kinzig district are currently participating in a pilot project for the school digital pact. With the company CID, the district officer has a globally active interlocutor who knows what is important when it comes to good software solutions. So it is also important to Winfried Ottmann to visit expanding companies and companies "to see where we can possibly help", explained the head of the economic department.

The three brothers Alexander and Rouven Lörch and Dirk Schießer founded the company in 1997. The company's headquarters are still in the Birkenhain industrial park in the Bernbach district. "We founded the CID in our home region because we feel a great bond here," explains Managing Director Alexander Lörch to his visitors. Added value that is created in the region - that is an important topic for Winfried Ottmann and Walter Dreßbach. "I would like to invite you to our start-up breakfast," said Walter Dreßbach. Because there entrepreneurs from the Main-Kinzig district have the opportunity to exchange ideas and enter into new collaborations.

CID relies on fast, customer-oriented service, individual advice and personal support. "We support our customers over the entire software life cycle, from requirements analysis to maintenance," explained Alexander Lörch. The company also makes sure to recognize trends in order to be able to react quickly and offer new solutions. The largest CID project is currently the extension, also known as the “think tank”. The company is investing a total of 15 million euros here by 2020 in order to create a modern office and communication building for its 250 IT employees, which will have an employee canteen, a café and a fitness area. As a big surprise, a slide in the heart of the multi-storey building will connect the floors. “The social role of the restaurant is particularly important for the work and well-being of our employees. It is the alternative to virtual space, ”explained Alexander Lörch. Winfried Ottmann and Walter Dreßbach were impressed by the concept and the million-dollar investment, which is a clear commitment to the Main-Kinzig-Kreis location. "Many companies and firms still run the risk of oversleeping digitization", stated Alexander Lörch and praised the Main-Kinzig district, which set the course for the "future" and digitization earlier than others eight years ago with the district's own broadband expansion have.

The company CID offers workplaces close to home away from the metropolises, which can be reached quickly. "This is an important topic for many employees today, also against the background of sustainability," said Ottmann. CID has no worries about young talent, because young people from all over Europe are applying for a job in the Main-Kinzig district.