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Learning Sanskrit made easy

Learning Sanskrit made easy - that works with the Sanskrit course here in the Yoga Wiki. You will learn Sanskrit in various individual lessons. Here in the Wiki, learning Sanskrit is made easy: On the one hand, you have lessons in the Sanskrit language and writing. And the Yoga Wiki is a Sanskrit dictionary, a Sanskrit lexicon, a Sanskrit encyclopedia at the same time. Do you want to learn Sanskrit quickly? Then start right away Sanskrit course lesson 1.

Learning Sanskrit made easy - is that even possible?

Sanskrit is one of the most complex languages ​​of all. Due to its age, the Sanskrit language has taken up many developments. But because the Sanskrit texts are sacred, the old Sanskrit could not be given up again, Sanskrit could not be simplified. Sanskrit is the language of mantras, so Sanskrit is a sacred language.

Sanskrit is therefore not that easy to learn. Sanskrit nouns are declined, Sanskrit verbs are conjugated, the Sandhi rules and the Ablaut rules change the letters within a word and between two words and much more. Still, if you want to learn Sanskrit from within, then learning Sanskrit is not that difficult. And here in the Wiki, learning Sanskrit is made easy for you.

The lessons of the Sanskrit course

It makes sense to just start with the Sanskrit course lesson 1. Once you've started, keep going. In this way you will gradually learn Sanskrit. And you can use every step of the newly learned while studying the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutra or even when singing mantras. Learning Sanskrit is easier if you have already gotten into the feeling of Sanskrit through Sanskrit recitations and Kirtan.

What is there to learn in Sanskrit?

Of course, if you want to make learning Sanskrit easy, you first have to know what there is to be learned. First there is the Devanagari script, the script in which Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and Nepali are written. In Devanagari there are vowels, consonants and ligatures. There are 50 basic characters for the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Then the vowels and the consonants can be connected with each other and with each other, the characters merge into beautiful ligatures. That doesn't always make learning the Devanagari script easy, but it is fascinating.

Then there are the numerical signs in Devanagari, the 10 digits. These are easy to learn. And there are only two punctuation marks, | and || . So here a lot easier than in the Roman script, the script in which German is written.

The next thing to do is learn words. There is the root of the word, which is connected with a prefix and suffix, and then there is the word ending. So learning Sanskrit is also learning the rules of how a word is created. In order to understand this, one has to know the ablaut rules of how the basic vowel becomes a guna and a vriddhi. So, at least now you think: Learning Sanskrit made easy - how is that supposed to work? It gets even more fascinating: Sanskrit words merge according to the Sandhi rules ... And Sanskrit words are conjugated and declined ...

But don't be discouraged. Just start. With the Sanskrit course lessons we make learning Sanskrit as easy as possible ... And if it gets too difficult: Then just attend a Sanskrit seminar.


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