How can I get a swollen neck

Pharyngitis - what can you do yourself?

Acute throat inflammation occurs most frequently in autumn and winter, i.e. during the classic cold season. All measures that strengthen the body's defenses (e.g. through a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, exercise in the fresh air) help preventively. The hardening of the body through sauna and alternating casts has proven to be particularly effective.

If you do get it, painkillers and antipyretic agents from the pharmacy, e.g. paracetamol, ibuprofen or acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), help. Lozenges, gargle solutions and sprays have anti-inflammatory effects and can provide short-term relief thanks to their light, local anesthetics.

It is important to drink a lot so that the mucous membranes are moistened and the cold viruses can be flushed out more easily. In addition, those affected should keep their necks warm. Well-tried household remedies such as hot compresses or milk with honey are the best solution here. Warm herbal teas (e.g. sage tea) have an anti-inflammatory and blood circulation-enhancing effect and are therefore more useful than ice-cold drinks, even if they are perceived as pleasant due to their pain-relieving effect. Steam inhalations, e.g. with chamomile tea, loosen the mucus in the nose and sinuses and penetrate into the larynx and thus also help with hoarseness.

If you cannot get the sore throat under control within a few days with these remedies or if it gets worse and a high fever is added, you should definitely consult a doctor!

Chronic pharyngitis heals the fastest if the triggering stimulus is removed or avoided. In many cases, the patient has this in their own hands, for example by quitting smoking. Especially with pharyngitis sicca, all measures that moisten the mucous membranes are helpful, e.g. regular ventilation against the overheated room air in winter, drink enough and steam inhalations with anointing solution or inhalations using an electrical device with salt water. A stay at the sea can also have beneficial effects. Moisturizing solutions or lozenges with brine, hyaluronic acid or extracts from Icelandic moss have a supportive effect.