Regret buying an old house

An old house full of secrets and stories

“A provisional used to be a pharmacist's first assistant. If he did not become a pharmacist himself, he remained a provisional. It has been the name of our liqueur since 1980, ”explains Dörte Hirschfeld. She has restored the narrow old craftsman's house, in which a tailor used to live and also had his workshop, and also took the old liqueur recipe from the pharmacist Jost Greve from the former Rats-Apotheke to the new location.

“There was a lot to do when we bought the house. We completely dismantled it and also refurbished the coach house in the rear of the property, ”she says. Numerous little things prove that she went to work with great sensitivity.

Not only was a historical facade preserved here, but the old half-timbered structure was also saved on the inside. The dark bars with their signs of use reflect a piece of the history of the house. In 1640 it was built as a simple house with a small workshop and was used in this way in the centuries that followed. After the tailor's workshop was given up, it housed a wig studio that was well known in Celle for more than 30 years. Today the sales rooms are arranged here.

The long corridor is laid out with yellow-blue tiles, and in the passage to the courtyard there are large-format slabs of red sandstone.

Windows and doors were either preserved or supplemented with suitable parts. Therefore, the door height to the liqueur kitchen is more suitable for smaller people. Dörte Hirschfeld doesn't mind. "It's just an old house," she laughs and slips into the liqueur kitchen on the courtyard side.

“I saw the house and it fit. That was a coincidence. «Dörte Hirschfeld has not regretted her decision in favor of the old house. Old box locks have kept their place in the house, as has a historic light switch with a rotary knob.

A winding staircase leads to the upper floor.

It's tight here - and cozy. A house with atmosphere and one that you enjoy browsing. Because now there is a rich selection of products here in addition to the herbal liqueur. "It just happened like that, it wasn't planned at all," says Dörte Hirschfeld.

»The focus is on preserving the artisanal production of the old provision as a tradition in our city. The recipe is more than 100 years old and was developed by the Greve family around 1910. The liqueur was first drunk with the family around Christmas. "

The gastric liqueur was offered in the Rats-Apotheke Celle since 1980. The then pharmacist Dr. It was Jost Greve who found the old recipe again and invented the name Alter Provisor for it. However, the recipe has remained a secret to this day. Dörte Hirschfeld is one of the few initiates - no wonder, she worked for many years in the Rats-Apotheke and during this time she made the liqueur herself countless times. She only reveals this much: »It takes six months for the liqueur to be handcrafted. The mixture of oriental spices and local plants not only gives it a special taste, but also makes it easy to digest, especially for the gall bladder, liver and stomach. "

When the Rats-Apotheke was closed in 2014, it had the opportunity to take over not only the prescription, but also the equipment for making liqueurs. "I had to start something new back then and decided on the provisional," she says. "This is something special for Celle and I wanted it to continue."