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Twidere for Twitter

Tired of seeing advertisements and sponsored tweets in the timeline, being bothered by tweets from bots and people you don't like, or just want the pure Twitter experience back to the good old days? Try Twidere for Twitter!

Twidere is a fully functional open source application for Twitter, StatusNet (GNU social), Fanfou, and Mastodon.


• 100% material design
• Classic answer style with all the advantages of 140-character answers
• Restore "Favorite" (★) instead of "Like" (♥ ︎)
• Write tweets in advance, even if you are offline, using Buffer (https://buffer.com)
• Tweet with photos and videos
• Search and share GIFs with GIPHY (https://giphy.com/)
• Powerful mute filters
• Night mode
• Multiple user account support
• Fully customizable tabs
• Own API settings
• Forever free *, open source, WITHOUT advertising!

*: a small number of functions require in-app payments for activation.


ACCOUNTS: Twidere now uses the accounts system framework to manage the user accounts.
IN-APP PURCHASES: Paid additional functions such as draft synchronization to support development, free self-hosted alternatives will follow!

Frequently asked questions

F.: Why are errors displayed after repeated updates?
A.: Twitter has a strict limit for third-party apps.

F.: Is it possible to create surveys or use group DMs?
A.: This is not yet possible because Twitter does not offer a public API for this.

F.: How can I fix "Can't authenticate more users at this time"?
A.: the API tokens for Twidere are used up. Notify me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

Twidere is under GPLv3, more details on the website.
If you find bugs or have ideas, also talk to Twitter. @TwidereProject