What is the best mind mapping software

More productivity through mind mapping software: These are the 8 best tools

In the meantime, the market for tools for mind mapping has become quite clear. For a better overview, we present you the eight best mind mapping software solutions from various providers. They will help you to increase your productivity.

Perhaps you still know the problem from your training or studies: The classic mind map was created on paper. If, however, circles and lines increasingly met, the lush network of thoughts had quickly reached the limit of the paper.

Mind mapping software is considerably more flexible. With it you can easily digitally visualize thoughts, drafts and entire projects.

The result: connections and connecting structures find the space they need. Everything can be viewed wonderfully - and this in turn gives rise to new ideas.

Mind mapping software: these are the 8 best tools

In addition to the question of cost, it is important when choosing your mind mapping software whether the tool can also be used collaboratively - i.e. in a team. Therefore, you should test your tool together with your colleagues.

You can also find out whether it is easy for everyone to use and whether everyone would like to work with it in the future. Another key factor in the assessment should be the possibility of export.

But enough of the preface. In the following we want to introduce you to eight practical tools for mind mapping.

1. Mind Master

Mindmeister was created by the Munich-based company Meisterlab and offers a variety of different functions. This makes it easy to integrate notes, files, links or even tasks that need to be done.

You can display mind maps in different views. Mindmeister also provides you with ready-made templates so that you can get started quickly. Anyone who would like to create mind maps on the move can also download the tool to their smartphone via an app.

Hook: In the free basic version of Mindmeister, you can only create three mind maps. You also have to do without being able to integrate images or files.

Only the so-called personal level enables you to create unlimited mind maps. It is available for 4.99 euros per month. For teams, the pro account is available for 8.25 euros per user and month. The business account for 12.49 euros per user per month also makes it possible to create groups within teams.

2. Mind mup

Mindmup is completely web-based. If you are planning a project, you can track the progress of individual tasks.

The disadvantage here is the rather low file limit of 100 kilobytes for individual mind maps. It is therefore advisable to go directly to the paid package. The Personal Gold package starts at 2.99 US dollars.

Mindmup can be easily connected via Google Drive, so that you can easily work on a mind map in a team at the same time.

3. Coggle

Coggle impresses with its ease of use and usability. The developers promise their customers that every user can use the mind mapping software in full within five minutes.

It is of course doubtful whether this is the case for all users. But the overview makes it very easy for everyone to get started. Colleagues can be invited to collaborate conveniently by email using the web app.

Great benefit for users: Mind maps can be shared with Coggle via Facebook or Twitter and also integrated into your own website via Iframe.

However, a Google or Microsoft account is required for use. In the free version, you can only save three mind maps, which you cannot share with others.

For $ 5, however, you can enjoy other layouts. The Awesome package is suitable for teams, with which you and your colleagues can create your own work environments. Price: $ 8 a month per user.

4. Wisemapping

The Wisemapping tool is free for individuals. It has a ton of different mind mapping options. You can test the mind mapping software without registering.

Top: You can have mind maps imported into Freemind format. An export as PDF and SVG is also possible.

You can host wisemapping yourself. The tool provides its source code for this. So you can design the open source software according to your wishes. The prerequisite for this is that you have the note "powered by wisemapping“Include.

5. Mindomo

Mindomo is a very well-stocked and comprehensive mind mapping tool. You can work on mind maps with colleagues or partners and then upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Office 365 integration is also included. Your work can be exported as PDF, RTF or PNG files. It is also possible to import finished mind maps.

Mindomo primarily addresses academic users and teams. You can also integrate videos and audios and then bring them closer to your colleagues in presentation mode.

As with other tools, the free version is limited - with Mindomo there are a maximum of three simple mind maps. For the extensive functions, prices from six euros per month are to be paid.

6. Xmind

Xmind can be used in a variety of ways as mind mapping software. In addition to mind maps, you can also construct timelines and herringbone diagrams.

From a designer point of view, you can let off steam here and also incorporate icons and images. The paid version also includes a presentation mode.

7. Mapul

If the layout of your mind maps is extremely important to you, you should take a closer look at the Mapul tool. You can use it to create colorful thought networks that look completely different compared to most mind maps from other software providers.

Shortcoming: Mapul is not designed for team work. Unfortunately, only a mind map is free. It starts with $ 25 for a three-month license.

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8. Free Mind

Like wisemapping, Free Mind is free, open source software. However, you shouldn't make too high demands here, because the tool is limited to the bare essentials.

The advantage here, however, is that you can prettify the individual connection points icons, links and multimedia files. As a team tool, Free Mind can also only be used to a very limited extent. After all, the finished mind maps can be exported as PDF or HTML files.

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