What is the best music distribution company

Alone as a music producer you are at a loss. What use is the most beautiful music production if it cannot be marketed and sold? This is where Feiyr.com comes in. Because we know the online marketing channels inside out, we also bring your songs to the most important download portals worldwide. Publish your music and we will organize the digital music distribution and offer your songs for example on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play and many more.

This means that the distribution of your music is not limited to Germany or Austria - no, your songs are also available online at any time for downloading or streaming in America or Asia.
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Digital music distribution - how it works

Market and sell your music online
Feiyr.com: Digital distribution & promotion of your music

No matter what style of music you produce - online there is the right target group for every taste to sell your own music. Whether rock, pop, hip-hop, techno, classical or folk music - all you need is trust in your music. And Feiyr's marketing support.

We will place your publication in all relevant online shops. This includes both classic download stores such as Amazon and iTunes, as well as streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc. Compare, you will see that with Feiyr, digital music distribution is not only easy, but also transparent and fair. You have no running costs and 80 percent of the income stays with the artist.

Start marketing your music online now. Register for free at Feiyr.com. Upload your tracks and start making money. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of promotion options and market your release extensively. A multilingual support team with experts from the music industry is at your side during the release process.

Get started with professional music marketing with feiyr.com and promote your music.

Earn money on the side with your music through passive income - for a lifetime!

Evaluation of ancillary copyrights

Most national copyright laws allow you to Your claims to ancillary copyrights (Neighboring Rights) and earn money every time, as soon as Your music at public performances (e.g. on TV, radio or events) is played. All you have to do is send your data to the appropriate collecting society (e.g. the GVL in Germany). Since you already transmit most of the data to Feiyr, you only have to make a few additions so that all your songs can be evaluated internationally. This ensures that you can earn money with your music for a lifetime.

Earn money online with Instagram and Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are currently the two largest and most important social media platforms in the world. Music content is used every day for posts and stories. As a partner of Facebook and Instagram, we can use a kind of "fingerprint" to compare your tracks with the uploaded videos. You can decide for yourself whether you want to block your videos from being used by other users or earn money by sharing the videos. You can also deliver your music to the Facebook audio library so that Facebook and Instagram users can use your songs in apps such as Lip Sync Live.
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