What are the three longest rivers in the world

The longest rivers on earth (km)

1st Nile, Africa 6,800

2. Amazon, South America 6,500

3. Yangtze River, Asia 6,400

4. Mississippi, North America 6,000

5. Yenisei, Asia 5,500

6. Ob, Asia 5,400

7. Amur, Asia 5,000

8. Yellow River, Asia 4,850

9. Congo, Africa 4,800

10. Mekong, Asia 4,500

26. Danube, Europe 2.850

The shortest ...

A stream that is at least five meters wide turns a stream into a river. Until 2006 the Roe River was (A.), Montana, USA, 61 meters long as the shortest river on earth. Its headwaters, the Giant Springs, are the largest freshwater reservoirs in the USA. Currently the Reprua applies (B.) in the Caucasus with a length of 27 meters as the tail light.

The most water-rich ...

With an average of 206,000 m³ / s, the Amazon brings together more water than the seven next smaller rivers and around 70 times more than the Rhine.

The deepest …

Four Niagara Falls on top of each other add up to 220 meters. That is the depth of the Congo.